Frontispiciu Odeon

The Picture of Dorian Gray

after Oscar Wilde, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu


Dorian Gray
The Narrator
Lord Henry Wotton
Basil Hallward
Aaron Dimeny
Mefisto, Thibald, Dorian Gray
Ioan Tugearu / Tiberiu Almosnino
Lady Narborough
The Prostitute
James Vane
Mr.Isaacs, Sir Geoffrey
The Servant
Adrian Singleton
George Călin
Romeo, Faust
Sibyl Vane
Adela Crăciun
Dorian Gray
Răzvan Pop

Directed and adapted by
Stage design
Abdrei Both
Doina Levintza
Alexandru Abagiu
Choreography assistant
Silvia Călin
Translated by
Magda Teodorescu

Tours and festivals

Craiova Days, October 23, 2007
Tour in Bruxelles (Belgium), Theatre du Residence Palace, December 5, 2006
Gyorgy Harag Memorial Days, Cluj, May 4, 2006
The National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, November 8, 2005
The Classic Theatre Festival, Arad, October 11, 2005
The International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, May 26, 2005


DRAGOȘ GALGOȚIU - UNITER Award Nomination for best director, 2005
ANDREI BOTH - UNITER Award for Best Design, 2005

Press reviews

The premiere with The Picture of Dorian Gray was an obvious triumph. As the show is going forward to the end you discover new and new expressions of perfection. The performance is not a simply theatrical retelling of the story, but a very inspired and profound original lay-out of the damnation of Dorian Gray.
Gabriela HurezeanNaţional, October 7, 2004
The Picture of Dorian Gray had fascinated us by the original proposal of theatre and dance, spectacularly sustained by the acting and set design. Through this show, Odeon Theatre imposes the expected event for the opening of the theatrical season in Bucharest , a sumptuous production, innovative in formula, thrilling by the inspiration of Razvan Mazilu, its cast and brilliant scenic images.
Ileana LucaciuRomânia Liberă (add), November 18, 2004
Baroque, sophisticated, luxurious. It is a show that tells, through all its pores, about seduction, and this seduction has many types and various implications.
Marie Louise SemenMan.in.fest, November 2004
The Picture of Dorian Gray in Galgoțiu and Mazilu's vision, is all about image, vision, color and perfumes. It is hedonistic yet deep intrusion into the human soul. The show truly reflects Wilde's arty and luxurious way of living and writing. It is a real treat for art lovers.
Ana Maria IancuDaily News, October 4, 2004
Opening night: October 1, 2004
Duration: 2h 45'
Press reviews