28th of November 2016

Odeon 70 - the Anniversary of 70 years of theatre activity

September 17, 2016

Guillem Clua at the premiere of the play Kepler-438b

December 12, 2011

100 years since the first show on the stage

October 6, 2011

Arthur Kopit at the premiere BecauseHeCan

January 31, 2011

The poetry and music performance WHITE DANCE based on the poems of Cristian Munteanu

December 12, 2010

Book Launch ”An Atypical Book About an Atypical Actor – Stefan Mihailescu-Brăila” by Rodica Mandache

September 23, 2010

The openning of the Studio Hall

September 22, 2007

Milonga Publica in open air within the White Night organized by The City Hall of Bucharest

September 21, 2007

Author Leonid Juhovitki at the opening night of Señor Juan's Last Woman

March 17, 2006

Author Katalin Thuroczy and the interpreter Anamaria Pop at the opening night of Thursdayparty

October 8, 2005

Paulo Coelho at the performanceThe Alchemist