by Saviana Stănescu, directed by Alexandru Mihail

Translation made in the Master of Dramatic Writing, UAT Targu Mures.
Coordinator: Iulia Popovici


Nadia: Nicoleta Lefter
Borat: Marius Damian
Bob: Alexandru Papadopol
Lupita: Meda Victor
Ins 1: Ionuţ Kivu
Ins 2: Relu Poalelungi

Directed by: Alexandru Mihail
Stage design: Vladimir Turturică
Assistant director: Gabriel Pintilei

Tours and festivals

The National Theatre Festival at Bucharest, October 26 and 27, 2015
The Theatre Festival from Piatra Neamţ, October 18, 2015
Romanian Dramaturgy Festival, Timișoara, April 22, 2015


Photo gallery

Photo by Octavian Tibăr

The story is inspired by a real fact reported in an article in Florida Observer: a Romanian and Ukrainian brought to the United States more than 800 illegal immigrants on fake visas for circus artists. Saviana Stănescu imagines the trajectory of two of these aliens, a young girl from Moldova and Russia, departing from Florida to New York to escape deportation.

Beyond this initial moment, the play presents a tragicomic history from the city that never sleeps, New York, where people from different corners of the world intersect their lives and aspirations in a daily balancing on the railing of the American Dream.

Opening date: September 20, 2014
Duration: 1h 45'

English subtitles could be provided by request.
If you are interested please send a message from contact form mail, with two days in advance.
We kindly ask you to check if the subtitles are available before buying your tickets.

Press reviews

A clown from the Moldavian Republic (Nadia) and a Russian one, who has become a taxi driver (Borat) get to the center of the world, The Big Apple, New York, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and the city where if you succeed, so they say, you have succeeded anywhere else (another cliché). Will Nadia and Borat make it? Their stories touch all the points of a dramatic sinusoid: hope, desperation, adventure, comic, tragic, oneiric. With a fragmentary structure, alert, the text enhances a dynamic show, with rapid passing from one scene to another, in which the priority are both the narration and the characters.  

 Oana Stoica, Dilema veche, July, 31st, 2014

Saviana Stănescu valuably cultivates the clown symbol, the circuses. She builds a magical universe, but at the same time, a believable one, real, with no emphasis, in the purest, natural and most authentic manner – the world that we live in as it is and we do not get to know it. Do not refuse yourself the joy of this show.  You will enter the circus arena of life and you will recognize yourselves in the stories. We are all basically clowns – some sad, some happy – in a show with a program that includes acrobatics, jugglery and deadly jumps. Most important is not losing our trust, enthusiasm and innocence. At the end of the bumpy road the most beautiful date awaits us, the one with our own destiny, the great reconciliation. With colorful balloons, wide smiles and ... CLICK-CLICK!!!

Răzvana Niţă,, September, 26th, 2014