Odeon Theatre makes the balance of the participations in this autumn at the most prestigious theatre festivals and gladly announce that 6 of its productions were applauded at no more than 14 theatre festivals in Bucharest and throughout the country (Brăila,  Satu Mare, Oradea, Iași, Galați, Alba–Iulia, Ploiești, Arad, Brașov) and it was rewarded with 7 important distinctions.

ROBINSON CRUSOE’S DIARY won the Audience Price for the best performance within the `Comedy Boulevard`at International Theatre Festival FEST(in) pe Bulevard in Bucharest.

ARMS AND THE MAN won four prizes at The National Comedy Festival in Galați:

Best director - ANDREI ŞERBAN 
Best costumes - ANKA LUPEŞ  
Best supporting role - ANA BIANCA POPESCU
Special prize „Mihai Mihail” for a comedian - ANTOANETA ZAHARIA

The most recent ones for THREE GENERATIONS are awarded RODICA MANDACHE with the Honorary Award for Popularity and CRINA MUREŞAN with the Honorary Award for Interpretation at The International Contemporary Drama Festival in Brașov.
The tournament tour has the final destination in Câmpina, where STILL LIFE WITH FATTY NEPHEW can be seen on November 25, 2017 at the “Mircea Albulescu” Theatre Festival.