Odeon Theatre has the pleasure of announcing

On April 28th, at 19.00, at the Majestic Hall Odeon Theatre celebrates the International Day of Dance (officially set on April 19th) with an Extraordinary Gala.
It has become already a tradition for Odeon Theatre to celebrate the International Dance Day.

This year, Răzvan Mazilu, Odeon Theatre’s choreograph, put together a show with guest dancers, choreographs and actors. 

Răzvan Mazilu will dance toghether with Monica Petrică, Cristina Dijmaru, Ovidiu Matei Iancu, Ștefan Lupu, Independent Choreographic Centre Linotip (perfomers: Ioana Marchidan, Galea Bobeicu, Diana Spiridon, Arcadie Rusu, Alex Calin, Alin State)  TangotangenT Club and actresses Ruxandra Maniu, Paula Niculiţă, Anda Saltelechi, Antoaneta Zaharia.

Moments from the shows: Un Tango MasRomeo and JulietBabelZic Zac, will be presented, and other original productions, shown for the very first time.
The show will be followed by the launching of the book Răzvan Mazilu. De la dans la musical by Sanda Vișan.

Duration: 1h 30'
Tickets: 31,80 lei, 15,90 lei