Odeon Theatre has the pleasure of announcing the international event

odeon.art 8 – Belarus Culture Days

between May 25th-27th, 2017

After several editions dedicated to Hungary, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Poland, Israel, Japan and Bulgaria, this year’s edition brings in the spotlight the theatre of Belorussia, on the occasion of 25 years of bilateral diplomatic relations between Romania and Belarus Republic.

We are inviting you to a photo and poster exhibition, two theatre performances produced by The State Youth Theatre of the BSSR and a Reading performance with Odeon’s actors in the author’s presence:

odeon.art 8 – Belarus Culture Days

May 25th-27th, 2017

25.05, 19h00, Studio Hall
Opening of the exhibition of posters and photos
Reading performance
by Konstantin Steshik, directed by Mariana Cămărășan
translated by Raluca Rădulescu
The reading will be followed by discussions with the audience, in the presence of the author

Free entrance

26.05, 19h00, Hall Majestic
State Youth Theatre Minsk, Belarus
by Ugo Betti, directed by Iskander Sakayev
Tickets price: 21,20 lei; 12,72 lei
Duration: 1h 50 min (with intermission)

27.05, 19h30, Hall Studio
State Youth Theatre Minsk, Belarus
by Natalia Vorojbit, directed by Dmitriy Bogoslavskiy
Tickets price: 21,20 lei; 12,72 lei
Duration: 1h 20 min

Konstantin Steshik was born in 1979 in Soligorsk, Belarus. He is a playwright and he currently lives in Minsk. His plays are awarded and staged in Belarus, Russian Federation and abroad.

The play Matches was written in 2015 during a workshop of playwriting, organized by the Bielorussian Centre of Drama. In September 2015, during the „Liubimovka” Festival in Moscow, a Reading performance of this play was presented. Moreover, at the moment, the play is being prepared at the National Academic Theatre „Yanka Kupala” in Minsk and it will have the premiere at the beginning of the new season.

Matches is a play about a typical “guest” of life, about a passenger in the hard to wander ocean of existence, but also about an unfulfilled Prometheus. Each match represents the story of a possible life. The story of what passed like a smoke, the story of hope to what it might follow. And, exactly as it happens in life, some matches break, some don’t lit, because fire is not for everyone. And there are even less that can offer their fire to other, the fire they possess. It’s like wanting to cross a dark forest using the light of a single match, and the probability of succeeding is very small, so, probably, it doesn’t worth the try. Or maybe it does!

Goat island is a strange ascetic place, as if on the edge of the world, where there are three single women. They are all different in age, in attitude, in self-consciousness. One thing unites them ― the female loneliness. The sudden appearance of men excites aloofness of their life, makes them crazy. Who is he? Is he a wanderer, a lover, the devil is a tempter, which came to cast them into hell or someone who sings hymn to freedom?

Sasha, take out the garbage! is a play about choice. There is time to live, and there is time… to fight. But what if you are an officer and died of heart failure before the war? Sasha is sure that death is not an excuse for the one who swore to the Motherland. His wife and pregnant stepdaughter are ready to take him back from the next world, if he returns to the family, not to the war. The play is about the family and the moral choice of its head – of a man. After all, representatives of the strong half of humanity, «playing with muscles», often forget that their wives, daughters, mothers stay at home.

The State Youth Theatre of the BSSR was established in 1984. About one hundred opening nights have taken place in theatre for more than thirty years of its creative life. Today the repertoire of the Youth Theatre is thirty-four performances of various genres. These are classic sitcoms, lyrical comedies, melodramas, dramas, performances, interpretive masterpieces of world drama in the traditions of postmodern theatre, performances for children, poetic performances, and, in addition, samples of the theatre of modern choreography – dance performances.