Odeon Theatre has the pleasure of announcing the premiere of


By A.P. Cehov

Translation: Raluca Rădulescu
Directed by Andrei și Andreea Grosu
Stage design: Vladimir Turturica
With: Alina Berzunțeanu, Marius Damian, Dan Bădărău, Nicoleta Lefter, Laurențiu Lazăr, Elvira Deatcu, Florina Gleznea, Mihai Smarandache, Gelu Nițu, Cezar Antal.

Duration: 1 h 45 min
Tickets price:  21. 20 lei, 12.72 lei

First representations: May 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, at 19h30, Studio Hall

The Seagull is chronologically the first of the four masterpieces of A.P. Chekhov (1860 -1904).  Written in 1895 it created an enormous fascinations not only for theatre people, but also for the general audience up until today.

At the Odeon Theatre, the new version of the play is created by young directors Andrei and Andreea Grosu:

Our Seagull is a world that tries to compose itself out of sounds, colors, materials, thoughts and movements, similar to an architectural construction on which we relay like an invisible structure of resistance. We searched to look towards the direction where everything is related to survival, in which we are doing anything possible to distance ourselves from the scaring ending. We tried to change it, to fool death in all of its forms. A frame with people fleeing  in all the directions of what is destined for them, people that hope to change the course of time, that dream of words with other meanings once spoken. We changed senses and we threw all together, with no safety net. In each others’ arms.