Birthday: September 16, 1973


1990 - 1995 Drama and Film Academy, Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, Acting Section, class Mircea Albulescu

Theatre parts

The Guide / Cannibal in Robinson Crusoe's Diary,  a musical after The Island by Gellu Naum, directed by Mihai Mănuțiu
Rusian officer in Arms and the man  directed by Andrei Șerban
Pablo Gonzales
in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Sergiu in In Container by Constantin Cheianu, directed by Cristian Ban
Spadasin in Señor Juan's Last Woman by Leonid Juhovitki, directed by Vladimir Granov
John in I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright, directed by Beatrice Rancea
Arviragus in Cymbeline by William Shakespeare, directed by Lazslo Bocsardi
Giton in Quills by Doug Wright, directed by Beatrice Rancea
Un cetăţean in Mister Leonida by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
A dead man in The Dead And The Living by Ștefan Caraman, directed by Ana Mărgineanu
Kieselack in The Blue Angel after "Professor Unrat" by Heinrich Mann, directed by Răzvan Mazilu
A romanian man in Wedding with kidnappings after "The Wedding" by A.P. Cehov and "The Sabine Womens" by Leonid Andreev, directed by Beatrice Bleonţ
The Velez Priest, Cicio, Germanus in Saragosa – 66 days after Jan Potocki, directed by by Alexandru Dabija
Co-production SMART, Odeon Theatre and “Theatre der Welt/Berlin” Festival, under the aegis of THEOREM, a programme coordinated by “Festival d’Avignon”
Jesus (Him) in Karamazov brothers after F.M. Dostoievski, directed by Sandu Vasilache
The Priest Kimball in The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Beatrice Bleonţ
Iakov in Don Juan a la Russe after A.P. Cehov, directed by Gelu Colceag
The Show Man in Carlo vs Carlo by Paul Ioachim, directed by Horațiu Mălăele


Tuzenbach in The Three Sisters by A.P. Chekhov, directed by Iuri Krasovski, National Theatre Bucharest
A wedding with kidnapping after THE WEDDING by A.P. Chekhov and THE SABINE WOMEN by Leonid Andreev, directed by Beatrice Bleont, Summer Theatre, Szambeck , Hungary
Romeo and Juliett by W. Shakespeare, National Theatre Bucharest
Jack, the Melancholic in Forest after Shakespeare (Coupe performance) directed by Mircea Albulescu, Theatre Studio Casandra, Bucharest


Fred in Consentement Mortel produced by Atlantis Film
The employee in Garcea and man of oltenia produced by Media Pro Pictures
Jesus in Quo Vadis - Art Documentary, produced by ParaFilm
The Prisioner in Until death produced by Atlantis Film
The Young Carol in Carol the Great - Art Documentary, produced by ParaFilm
An Actor in Procust's bed
A roman man in Nero - Art Documentary, produced by ParaFilm
Alien in Girl Talk Confidential produced by Castel Film
The Musketeer in Time Master produced by Castel Film

Advertising and music video clips

Spot Gambrinus beer, produced by Domino
Aris detergent, produced by Metropolis
Alutus beer, produced by Punct Promotion
Vitanta beer, produced by Castel Film
Ariel detergent, produced by Eurotalent
Video clip TALISMAN - FORGIVE ME, produced by Talisman


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