Birthday: June 21, 1974

Mail contact Razvan Mazilu


1996 University of Theatrical Art and Cinematography "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest
1992 National Ballet School "Floria Capsali"

Director / Choreographer

Lady with camelias (National Theatre Bucharest, 1995)
Talk to me like the rain and let me listen to you (Odeon Theatre, 1996)
Coppelia (Romanian Opera House, 1999)
The Blue Angel (Odeon Theatre, 2001)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Odeon Theatre, 2004)
Marlene (Dilos Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2005)
Un Tango Mas (Odeon Theatre, 2006)
Block Bach (Odeon Theatre, 2007)
Remeber (National Theatre Timișoara, 2009)
When Isadora dance (Meli Theatre, Athena, Greece 2009)
Requiem. You know nothing about me (PerfoRM Foundation, JTI, 2011)
The Full Monty (National Theatre Timișoara, 2011)
Cabaret (German State Theatre, Timişoara, 2014)
West Side Story (National Theatre Festival, UNITER, Odeon Theatre, 2014)
Glorious! (Comedy Theatre, 2015)
Mon Cabaret Noir (Teatrelli, 2015)
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (National Theatre of Târgu Mureș, 2016)
The Jungle Book (German State Theatre Timișoara, 2017)
Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour (Excelsior Theatre, 2017)
Zaraza (Toma Caragiu Theatre, Ploiești, 2018)
The Sound of Music (Comique Opera for Children, 2018)
We will Rock you (WonderTheatre, 2019)
The Addams Family (Excelsior Theatre, 2019)
Maria de Buenos Aires (Teatrelli, 2021)
Cabaret (Odeon Theatre, 2021)
The Threepenny Opera (Excelsior Theatre, 2022)


Play Shakespeare (one man show, National Theatre Bucharest and SMART, 1997)
The world of the dance (National Theatre Bucharest, 1998)
Anna Karenina (National Opera House Bucharest, 1998)
Red and Black (National Opera House Bucharest, 2000)
Bolero. The Lost King (Odeon Theatre, 2002)
A midsummer night's dream (National Opera House Bucharest, 2003)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Odeon Theatre, 2004)
Sell me! (one-man-show, Prometheus Theatre, 2005)
Simfonia fantastică (National Opera House Bucharest, 2006)
Un Tango Mas (Odeon Theatre, 2006)
Broadway Bucharest (National Theatre Operetta, 2007)
Block Bach (Odeon Theatre, 2007)
Urban Kiss (National Theatre Operetta, 2008)
Shadows of Light (Odeon Theatre, 2008)
Remember (National Theatre Timișoara, 2009)
Flashback (, Koln, Germany, 2009)
Depeche//Dance (Odeon Theatre, 2010)
Iulius Caesar (National Theatre Timișoara, 2010)
Requiem. You know nothing about me (PerfoRM Foundation, JTI, 2011)
Saraiman (Perform Foundation, Odeon Theatre, 2013)
Mon Cabaret Noir (Teatrelli,2015)


Special Prize for Musical Show, UNITER Gala, 2022
Prize for Theatre, The Cultural Romanian Radio Gala, 2015
Special Prize for Choreography, UNITER Gala, 2007
The National Order for cultural merit at degree of a Knight
Honor Diploma at the fourth One man Show International Festival, Moscow , Russia (1999)
Award for "The Plasticity of Body's Expression", accorded by International Association of Drama Critics, Romanian section (1998)
Prix de l'Association pour le rayonement de l' Opera National du Paris. Prix d'Interpretation - the seventh International Dance Contest, Paris , France (1996)
Award for the investigation of new artistically modalities at the sixth "Eurodance" International Festival, Iasi , Romania (1996)
First Award for Choreography at National Choreography Contest "Mihail Jora", Bucharest, Romania (1993)
Special Jury Award for Choreography Debut at the third "Eurodance" International Festival, Iasi , Romania (1993)


He realised tours in: France, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, China

As a choreographer and artistic consultant at Odeon Theatre, he coordinates the program Dance at Odeon, since 2001
In 2007, he launches the project of social responsability Dance energy, for the benefit of choreography high schools in Romania


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