Odeon Theatre and The Classic is Fantastic Association continue at the Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood
Project for music education to children throughWith the performance

Richard Wagner’s childhood

inside the educational project through and for music, addressed to the children, called Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood

Conception and puppets construction: Aurelia Olteanu,
Directed by: Monica Ciută,
Script: Emanuel Ciocu,
Stage design: Sânziana Tarţa,
Artistic consultant: Cristina Sârbu
Cast: Alin Olteanu, Monica Ciută, Sânziana Tarţa, Irina Sârbu, Aurelia Olteanu, Valeria Cristina and Ralica Ouatu (violin)

Preview: Thursday, 12 and Friday, December 13, 18.00, Studio Hall


The child Richard Wagner lives in his step-father’s house who is an actor. The theatrical stage fascinates him, the sparkling lights, the tails with cavaliers and princesses, the sword fights and fantastic characters, dragons, dwarfs and griffins.
When he wants to play, he is imagining that he has a charmed ring which gives him all the world’s power and he also has a magic iron hat which makes him invisible both for humans and for gods. In series, he imagines that he is the glittering knight Lohengrin in a boat carried by a swan, or Wotan – the master of gods or the misterious flying Dutchman. But he is mostly fascinated by the super-hero Siegfried and his fantastic adventures.

Hidden under Richards’s bed, the mice Sică and Rică are letting themselves carried off in the stories made by the boy’s bold imagination framed by readings and legends. What is more intriguing is the fact that Richard sits more often to the piano and creates out of sounds his heroes images and he makes it so good that Sică and Rică immediately tell who he is referring to.
Delighted, they will tell, on their turn, to everybody who listens the wonderful tails that they seen with his mind’s eyes together with the little Richard Wagner and his musical world.

The performance is made with the help of the Goethe Institute in Bucharest and was sponsored by DACIA.

Tickets price: Adult 21,20 lei; Children 12,72 lei
Duration: 1h 10 min

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