Based on J. Casanova de Seingalt’s Memoirs, written by himself, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu


Casanova: Marius Stănescu
Catherine the Great: Dorina Lazăr
Leporello, Frederick the Great: Marian Ghenea
Voltaire, Louis XV: Mircea Constantinescu
Dr. Gozzi, Stanislas, the man from Corfu: Laurenţiu Lazăr
Pigozzo, Brighella: Mugur Arvunescu
Bettina, Therese, Rose: Paula Niculiţă
The lady in the carriage, Zenobia, The Duchess of Chartres: Ana Maria Moldovan
Madame Orio, Veronique, Marcolin: Virginia Rogin
Gioacchino, the servant of Casanova: Istvan Teglas
The Exorcist, The Statue Commander, the young Casanova: Ionuţ Kivu
Don Giovanni, Pierrot, The Tailor: Marian Lepădatu
Casanova the child, Molinari, Truffaldino: Silvian Vâlcu
Nanette, Mrs. F., Leah, Manon: Sabrina Iașchevici
Bettina’s nurse, Messalina, The Procuress, The woman from Corfu: Ruxandra Maniu
Marton, Marucia, Clementine: Ioana Mărcoiu
La Tintoretta, the maid of Casanova: Anca Dumitra
Lucia, Rosalie, Nina: Alexandra Poiană / Ioana Bugarin
Giulietta, The Nun, Madame de Pompadour: Anca Florescu / Daniela Tocari
Henriette, Madame d’Urfé, The Alsatian: Simona Dabija / Luiza Dimulescu

The script, the directing, the stage set and soundtrack: Dragoș Galgoțiu
Costumes: Doina Levintza
Choreography: Răzvan Mazilu
Paintings: Sabina Spatariu
Translated by: Mihaela Crețu

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Photos by Mihaela Marin

Casanova (1725 – 1798) is known for his legendary image of a seductor and he is considered the best known lover of all times. But for his contemporaries, he was impressive through his intelligence, his erudition and his charm as a story-teller of his romances and his travels. He was a priest, a poet, a playwright, an actor, a musician, a military in the Venice army, an adventurer, an impostor, a spy, but also a friend of the kings, the writers and the philosophers of his era.
He was born in an actors’ family and the theatre was his passion.
His memoirs, which contain thousands of pages, have been censored many times. It was troubling the courage of describing his love affairs and also his eccentric image of an extremely frivolous century in Europe, with great people, its glory and decadence.

The director Dragoș Galgoțiu brings on Odeon’s stage the baroque and charming world of Casanova and of his epoque. The delusional and decadent theatricality of the last aristocratic century is presented through the spectacular costumes signed by Doina Levintza and through the burlesque energy of the actors’ team.

Opening night: February 14, 2015
Duration: 2h 50' (with intermission)
Afiș Casanova

Press reviews

’Beautiful’ is the adjective that better defines the last production of Dragoş Galgoţiu, full of images accompanied by a perfectly chosen music, chosen by the director himself, as usual. The show is splendid visually, but lives mostly through the acting of very good actors (with which, it is visible, the director closely worked). The entire cast performs flawlessly, each actor playing more than one character.

Liviu Ornea, Observator Cultural, March 2015 


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