based on FABLES by La Fontaine


CONRAD MERICOFFER – La Fontaine, Lion, Ox, Eagle, 1st Dove
ALINA BERZUNȚEANU – Monkey, 1st Donkey, 1st Rat, 2nd Frog, Hen, Wasp, Magpie
MĂDĂLINA CIOTEA – Wolf, Elephant, Stork, Lionesse, 2nd Weasel
SABRINA IAȘCHEVICI – Rabbit, Peacock, 2nd Goat, Oyster, Fly, Bee
IOANA MĂRCOIU – Gazelle, Swan, 1st Goat, 2nd Dog, Snake, Swallow Bird, 2nd Mouse, 1st Fish
CRINA MUREȘAN –  Leopard,  Dolphin, 1st Dog, Lamb, Spider, 2nd Dove
CĂTĂLINA MUSTAȚĂ – Bear, Bat, Mare, the 2nd Rat, Raven, Mother Crab
PAULA NICULIȚĂ – Fox, 2nd Frog, Owl, Cricket, 1st House sparrow, 1st Weasel
SIMONA POPESCU – Cat, Turtle, Ant, Hedgehog, Daughter Crab, 1st Mouse, 2nd House sparrow

Adaptation, soundtrack, choreography and direction: Zoltán Balázs (Ungaria)
Scenography: Constantin Ciubotariu
Translation: Tudor Măinescu & Aurel Tita

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Photos by Andrei Gîndac

Openning date: Nov 03, 2022
Duration: 1h 25'

Just as the Italians have Dante, the English have Shakespeare, the Spanish have Cervantes, the Germans Goethe, geniuses whose work sums up an era and the soul of a nation, for the French La Fontaine is one of the great writers who are truly representative of national psychology, apparently harmless author of fables, but, in fact, one of the most lucid and relentless critics of society of his time. 
La Fontaine (1621 – 1695) creates an original work of extraordinary variety and vitality, full of humor and wisdom, constituting both a panorama of human vices and defects, of social injustice and oppression, as well as a compendium of a morality based on common sense, temperance and caution.
The verve, naturalness, irony and humor of these little spiritual masterpieces, in which evolve allegorical characters, chosen especially from the animal kingdom, remain valid even today, although they were written almost three centuries ago. The relationships between men and women, with their secrets, are also reflected in this kaleidoscope, “a grand comedy in one hundred different acts, on the stage of the universe", as La Fontaine himself defined his work.
After staging “Gardenia" by Elzbieta Chowaniec and "For Your Own Good" by Pier Lorenzo Pisano, director Zoltán Balázs (Hungary) returns for the third time to the Odeon Theatre.
His versatile and multifaceted artistic language offers the audience a complex theatrical experience, in which movement and music are elevated to the same level as words.


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