an adaptation by Peter Kerek based on the Lemon Sky Production of the film, Living in Oblivion, written and directed by Tom Dicillo


Paul, director: Pavel Bartoş
Claudia, actress: Elvira Deatcu
Vali, actor: Gelu Niţu
The Mother, actress: Irina Mazanitis / Cătălina Mustață 
Cocaina, camera operator: Alexandru Papadopol
Vanda, first assistant director: Paula Niculiţă / Alina Berzunțeanu
Dolby, sound mixer: Marius Damian
Mircea, prop man: Ioan Batinaş

Directed by: Peter Kerek
Set design: Cristian Niculescu
Costumes: Viorica Petrovici
Translated by: Peter Kerek

Tours and festivals

Sunlight Theatre Festival, Timișoara, 5 September 2020
Toma Caragiu Theatre Festival - Directors meetings, Ploiești, 3 november 2016
The Vaslui Theatre Festival, October 7, 2014
The `Stories` International Theatre Festival, Alba Iulia, October 5, 2014
The `Comedy Week` National theatre Festival, Braşov, May 13, 2014
The days of Elvira Godeanu` Festival, Târgu Jiu, May 20, 2013
Theatre Festival “No Borders”, Satu Mare, June 2, 2013


Photo gallery

Photo by Octavian Tibăr

Have you ever been on a movie set?
If you have this curiousity, Odeon Theatre reveals the backstage of a film-making in the spiced comedy Silence! Kiss. Action!
As the director who gets everything out of control, here comes Pavel Bartoş.

`For this theatre performance, I was inspired by the movie Living in Oblivion. The film tells the story of a movie crew who tries to make a successful production with the minimum of resourses. Due to the lack of money and because of the crew which is not exactly professional, the shooting very quickly becomes a desaster far more tragic rather than comic.
The performance Silence! Kiss. Action!, divided into three episodes, tells the story about what happens before starting the shooting. What goes on in the minds and souls of the actors, the technical crew and the director. It tells on the stage the story of a movie that ends before it begins`.

Peter Kerek
Opening night: February 03, 2013
Duration: 1h 30'
Afiș Liniște! Sărut. Acțiune!

Press reviews


With an inventive directorial vision, every sequence wins spontaneous rounds of applause from a public conquered by the comic of situations. The result of these interpretations, irreproachable doubled by the cast, is a juicy comedy about a special area, but in which function the exact same customs of communication between individuals, as they work in their daily lives.

Ileana Lucaciu - Tuesday, February, 12th, 2013 blogspot

With ‘Silence! Kiss. Action!’, Odeon Theatre reconfirms its special position between the cultural and performance institutions in Romania, the statute of a great host for productions that can also be considered valuable experiments.

Răzvana Niţă,, February, 11th, 2013

The ones that have never entered a movie set, but came to see ‘Silence! Kiss. Action!’ can consider themselves the witnesses of the creation of a film. Everything is believable. And this is thanks to everyone, including the team, zany for the film within the show, but ideal for the show itself. The movie should have been a romantic one, but it’s actually... a comedy show. In fact this was the intention: a fun production. It’s a formula well handled by Kerek, who splits the show in three parts: the first two represent the bad dreams, and the third – a reality like a nightmare.

Maria Sârbu – – February, 11th, 2013

The play rapidly binds and unbinds in a continuous movement, a constant come-and-go, variation, alternation, jumble and clearness. Unlike the movie set from the play, the Odeon’s production is set in place by a rigorous director, and an experimented team, enthusiastic, creative and spiritually young. Homo ludens.

Maria Zărnescu  - March, 4th, 2013,

I have not seen lately any comedies without a bitter essence on the Romanian stage. Well, this one is a delicious comedy, where the spectators laugh and the laughter is an intelligent one. A play on the process of movie making, on what goes wrong when nothing goes right, on little nightmares and huge misunderstandings. An infinite source of smiles and even peals of laughter.

Răzvan Penescu, facebook, February, 10th, 2013




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