by Ion Sapdaru, directed by Eugen Făt


Pompiliu: Pavel Bartoş
Vanda: Dorina Lazăr
Cesonia: Rodica Mandache
Mirela: Angela Ioan
Lili: Nicoleta Lefter

Directed by: Eugen Făt
Stage design: Constantin Ciubotariu

Tours and festivals

Theatre Festival “Mircea Albulescu”, Câmpina, 25 November 2017
The European Theatre Workshop, Ruse (Bulgary), June 19, 2014
Reper 65 – Theatrical Caravane, Arad, 12 November 2013
Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamţ, 18 October 2013
Theatre Festival for Children and Youth in Iasi, 6 October 2013
Romanian Comedy Festival - festCO, 10 June, 2012
Theatre Festival “No Borders”, Satu Mare, 21 May 2012
Tour in Tg. Jiu, 16 May 2012
Romanian Drama Festival, Timişoara, 8 May 2012
Tour in Tulcea, 1 May 2012
Tour in Focsani with STILL LIFE WITH FATTY NEPHEW, 27 March
Contemporary Drama Festival, Brașov, 27 November
Contemporary draMA Festival Theatre, Odorheiu Secuiesc, October 13, 2011
Stories for Children and Grown-ups Festival, Alba Iulia, October 9, 2011
Romanian Comedy Festival, Galaţi, October 3, 2011
Days and nights of European Theatre Festival, Brăila, October 2, 2011
Short Theatre Festival, Oradea, September 28, 2011
Tour at Călăraşi, September 19, 2011
VEDETEatru festival, Buzău, May 14, 2011


The Prize for Best Show at The Romanian Comedy Festival, Galaţi, 2011

Photo gallery

Photos by Octavian Tibăr

The sad but funny story of the Obese Boy is the result of my own experiences and meetings with ordinary people, with whom I lived and still live together and have nothing interesting in them: they are not heroes, not having exceptional skills, intergalactic aspirations, not fully of wisdom, not saints nor devils, but have one quality - they are human.
And love.
Ion Sapdaru

The show can be performed with subtitles in English, by request.
If you are interested, please let us know at the box office or by mail, at last two days before the show.
We kindly ask you to check if the subtitles are available before buying your tickets

Opening night: March 26, 2011
Duration: 1h 20'
Afiș Natură moartă cu un nepot obez

English subtitles could be provided by request.
If you are interested please send a message from contact form mail, with two days in advance.
We kindly ask you to check if the subtitles are available before buying your tickets.

Press Reviews

The director Eugen Făt skillfully avoided any artificial effects and unrolled the theatrical illustration using a nuanced interpretation of the actors. Without being ostentatious, using amusing effects, he imagined the passing of each of the three aunts and their appearances as ghosts. The directorial vision serves the theatric meaning of the text and gives as a result an attractive black comedy production, rarely encountered genre in the current repertoires, using a Romanian contemporary play, also absent from the theatres.

Ileana Lucaciu -, April, 6th 2011

Still Life with Fatty Nephew is not cluttered with directorial schemes and it does not give definitive verdicts. The play is written with a great deal of humor and it greatly enhances the talent and the expressivity of the actors. Ion Sapdaru does not judge his characters, he does not underline their flaws and he does not embarrass them. He tells their story in an objective and balanced manner exactly in the way an intelligent parent would allow his child to choose his own path. Pompiliu is overweight, Lili is a prostitute, the three aunts sacrificed their lives out of love for their orphan nephew, and the memory of their sacrifice forces them to never let go of him, in this way also becoming his executioner. The text has all the humor, the absurd and the tragedy encountered in everyday life in which is imperiously needed to set the boundaries.

Cătălina Pavel - Cuvinte Libere, April, 13th 2011


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