Dramatization based on Jaroslav Hašek, Directed by Alexandru Dabija


Svejk: Pavel Bartoş
Kovarik, A drunk man, An Officer: Cezar Antal
Bretschneider, The dog: Ioan Batinaş
Bernis, Colonel Kraus: Mircea Constantinescu
Repa, A detainee: Marius Damian
Doctor Heveroch: Sabrina Iașchevici
Ms Mullerova: Dorina Lazăr
MsPalivec, Doctor Waiking: Ruxandra Maniu
The Baroness, Katy Wendler: Paula Niculiţă
Lukas, Kotatko, A drunk man: Alexandru Papadopol
Pokorny, Domnul Wendler: Gabriel Pintilei
The psychiatrist, The girl with the dog: Anda Saltelechi
Palivec, Slavik, The dog thief: Mihai Smarandache
Macuna, A drunk man, An officer: Silvian Vâlcu
Piously Marlene: Veronica Gherasim
Kafka: Dan Iosif

Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Stage design and costumes: Andrada Chiriac
Music: Ada Milea
Assistant director: Mădălin Hâncu
Translated by: Jean Grosu

Tours and festivals

Festival “Days and nights of Theatre in Brăila”, Brăila, September 20th, 2017
International Festival of Theatre Comedy Week - Brașov, May, 15th 2017
Classical Theatre Festival, Arad,,  Arad, November, 15th 2016
Festival „Theatre on Salt Way”, Turda, October, 13 ‚ 2016
International Festival of Theatre „Stories”, Alba Iulia, October 11th 2016
Short Theatre Festival, Oradea, September,29 2016
Theatre Festival “No Borders”, Satu Mare, May 24th 2016



Photo gallery

Photos by Octavian Tibăr

Opening night: February 13, 2016
Duration: 2h 10'
Afiș Svejk

The show is based on the dramatization of the director Alexandru Dabija of the famous book of Jaroslav Hašek - The Good Soldier Švejk, one of the most remarkable and successful satirical writings of world literature, an intelligent and convincing anti-war manifesto and also one of the funniest novels ever written.

„I do not know if I will achieve to convey what I wanted. But the fact that I heard some people treating each other with: „You are so stupid as Švejk is”, it proves somehow the contrary. And even if Švejk will became a new curse in the flourishing crown of blame, I must also thank with this contribution to the enrichment of the Czech language.” - Jaroslav Hašek

Press reviews

Alexandru Dabija makes an amazing comeback with a successful production, well orchestrated that brings even more value to one of the most versatile group of actors in Bucharest. Ada Milea’s music adds the irony drops, the expressivity and show without which everything that takes place in front of us would remain limited by a simple definition of an anecdote. Therefore, do not refuse yourself the amazing encounter with Svejk, the soldier with a charming smile, disarming honesty and so full of love for life that death is not even an option.

Răzvana Niță, port.ro, March, 9th 2016

The heart and soul of this production is Svejk, admirable interpreted by Pavel Bartoş. The actor avoids the loud comical effects usually placed to make the public laugh. Instead, he sincerely lives Svejk’s confusions in the attempt of understanding the world that surrounds him. The character is presented as a simple, kind hearted and respectful man that suffers of rheumatism. He is modest and easy to manipulate into serving others’ purposes. Pavel Bartoş composes Svejk’s portrait using subtle ironical accents that amuses the public, but also sympathizes for his naivety.

Ileana Lucaciu, March, 8th, 2016, spectatorblogspot

The story of the brave soldier Svejk is both innocent and cynical, has a great deal of humor and irony. This jovial man that makes politics between two pints of beer cannot wait to be right, for the war to start, the world war that is, and to enroll with an easy heart and a smile on his lips, but with rheumatic knees. The director Alexandru Dabija gives his actors the liberty to perform. For each and one of them is fairly easy to detect his or hers own manner of acting and the comical inspiration they use. And if the production is lucky and the cast has a hint of playfulness, then all the ideas merge together and the result is amazing. Used to enhance the effects of the play, the soundtrack is signed by Ada Milea and it brings the spices that complete the production.

Alina Epîngeac, Yorick.ro, February 23rd 2016



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