by Jennifer Haley, translated by Ionuț Grama


Morris: Nicoleta Lefter
Sims / Papa: Mugur Arvunescu
Doyle: Cezar Antal
Iris: Sandra Ducuță
Woodnut: Ionuț Grama

Directed by Horia Suru
Stage design Maria Miu
Costumes: Diana Sav
Music: Silent Strike
Visuals: Dan Basu
Light design: Diana Miroșu

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Photo by Andrei Runcanu

Opening date: 22 mai 2016
Duration: 1h 30'
Afiș Refugiul

The Nether is a sci-fi thriller about the effect of technology and the virtual world on our personalities, thoughts and dreams. A show about exploring the consequences of the darkest living online personal desires.
The play was awarded in 2012 with Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, Los Angeles Ovation Award and Drama Critics Circle Award. It had its world premiere in 2013 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre (Culver City), followed then by a staging at the Royal Court Theatre (London), MCC Theater (New York) in 2014, and in 2015 the Duke of York's Theatre (London).

The production is a winning project of the contest Young directors - Contemporary plays, third edition.

„The Nether represents one of our greatest fears in regards to the future of internet. Most of us aren’t actively involved in the technologic evolution, but we are expecting that its progress to assist us with products that ease our lives and are connected to it. Technology represents at this very moment of history the most powerful instrument made to serve human comfort. However, the exponential development of artificial intelligence suggest a scenario that not only does not keep the human comfort in the area of focus, but also doubts the human superiority itself confronted with the so called ‘virtual machines’.

Horia Suru

Press reviews

The story Jennifer Haley proposes is thrilling: to live, to express yourself, to act independently of the consequences of your acts could mean a step closer to experimenting pure freedom. A virtual environment could represent the ideal nether for anyone that might try anything else, literally anything. A universe in which everything is possible and permitted and nothing is considered immoral.
Horia Suru, along with Maria Miu (stage design), Diana Sav (costume design), Silent Strike (music), Dan Basu (visuals) and Diana Miroşu (light design), creates an odd atmosphere that is at the same time also seducing and mysterious.
Most certainly, The Nether is a unique production, very powerful and with a special type of magnetism. A story that will keep you captive long after you left the theatre.

Răzvana Niţă,, May 30th, 2016


The production created by Horia Suru at the Odeon Theatre has, first of all, a captivating story. It’s one of those fortunate situations in which the experience of viewing the show is similar to watching a good film. It’s catchy. You have all the reasons to remain focused; you only receive fragments of information that you put together like you would do in a board game in which you have to discover the murderer.
The Nether directed by Horia Suru tells in a simple manner a complicated story. It’s a charismatic and emotional show that addresses to our minds as well. A rare combination to which is added a dystopian fascination that is actually not that far in the future...

Alina Epîngeac,, May 31st, 2016