by Katalin Thuroczy, directed by Radu Afrim

The stage literature that Katalin THURÓCZY writes startes from what are apparently the natural-realistic practices belonging to the Hungarian theatre. The vivid line, the nerve and the sensibility of the spoken word are inducing the sensation that one has to face an extention of the daily life - but the surprises are coming fast, because Katalin THURÓCZY's plays are always opened towards the poetic, symbolic and metaphorical compass. The absurde, comedian figure, is sometimes more acute either sarcasm-oriented and is commun to all Katalin THURÓCZY's plays, being a powerful dominant of one's style. In Thursdayparty one faces an excessive, decadent play, a fresco of a world whose's sunset is already gone, but which does not want to die: the elders of Katalinei THURÓCZY are tenderly haunting, likewise an ethernal ghosts.

Alina Nelega


Zsuzsa: Dorina Lazăr
Sandor: Virgil Andriescu
Mana: Irina Mazanitis
Boske: Virginia Rogin
Hilda: Liana Mărgineanu
Istvan: Constantin Cojocaru
Adel: Rodica Mandache
Ameliedragă: Tatiana Iekel
Eva: Crina Mureşan
Karola: Jeanine Stavarache
Liza: Ana Maria Moldovan
Laci: Alin Teglas

A performance by: Radu Afrim
Stage design: Vittorio Holtier
Costumes: Ilona Varga-Jaro
Music: Vlaicu Golcea
Translated by: Anamaria Pop

Tours and festivals

Theatre Festival, Caracal, May 17, 2013
"Toma Caragiu" Theatre Festival, Ploiești, 12 November, 2011
Contemporany Meeting Theatre, Odorheiul Secuiesc, October 15, 2008
The TAMper2 Theatre Reunion, Sf.Gheorghe, September 27, 2007
Tour in Budapest (November 27) and Debrecen (November 29), 2006
National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, 2006
The Theatre Festival, Piatra Neamț, October 25, 2006
Comedy Festival, Galați, October 23, 2006
Kids and man's Stories Festival, Alba Iulia, October 6, 2006
European Day and Nights Festival in Brăila, September 17, 2006
The Theatre International Festival, Sibiu, June 2, 2006


RODICA MANDACHE - UNITER Prize for best actress in a supporting role, 2007
CONSTANTIN COJOCARU - Nominee for UNITER Prize for best actor in a supporting role, 2007
RADU AFRIM - UNITER Prize for best director, 2007

Photo gallery

Photo by George Dăscălescu

Opening date: March 17, 2006
Duration: 2h 20'
Afiș joi.Megajoy

Press reviews

The performance Thursdayparty is really about celebrating. At the Odeon Theatre, Katalin Thuroczy’s text receives the deliciousness and splendor of a royal treat. Thursday is the meeting day for those who know each other since times out of mind. In Zsuzsa’s home, around the table ( assumed to had been abundant once, having today a poorer menu), the old men and women gather weekly. The only way in their power to save their beings is to voluptuously abandon themselves into chattering and gastronomical pleasures. The only way to survive is to pump vital energy into their memories. From the 40 years ago high school graduation, to the husband’s adultery or from the officers’ military school up to the letters sent to Franz Josef and Queen Elizabeth, the characters direct their own past in a game always the same but somehow always different. The keystone of the play is the actors interpretation, magnificent, foamy, reaching the climax of the highest quality comic. A must see, songs to hum and to accolade!
Adriana Mocca – Cultura, April 2006
In the light of the sumptuous chandeliers, the “Afrim“ universe unravels from the very beginning: the apotheosized senile decay, painful in itself, is treated with excellent humor. The director, ruthlessly ravishes, impertinent and playful, all the clichés and taboos regarding the age of senility. Within the almighty ridiculousness, the director creates breaches of delicacy and profoundness. However painful and serious are the truths on helplessness, everything slides towards a succulent comic. Such a play is simply not to be missed. Chose between either the dimension that touches you or the one that entertains you. But do not miss the opening at Odeon. Such a play is a rare appearance on the stages of Bucharest.
Cristina Rusiecki – Adevărul Literar și Artistic, March 25, 2006
Radu Afrim found within the text an excellent material for his own inclination towards the detailed, succulent and savory description of different human beings and their existence, and he does that, in the performance with a voluptuousness that visibly transmitted to the actors, moreover, the topos of permanent flow of dishes, offers him the occasion, fully speculated, to exercise his appetite for a sort of surrealist rococo that tends to become his stylistic mark. For all, it is an epicurean and generous play, within which you have the sensation that everything unfolds with unspeakable pleasure: the text, the actors, the directing. Each of the actors, has their moment and takes advantage of this moment to fully unravel themselves.: Rodica Mandache, Dorina Lazar, Virginia Rogin, Irina Mazanitis, Liana Margineanu, Crina Muresan, Jeanine Stavarache, Ana Maria Moldovan to whom Tatiana Iekel joins with distinction, all of them seem to be in an open competition for the best actress prize, whereas Constantin Cojocaru, Virgil Andriescu and Alin Teglas are in competition for the best masculine part. Of course I am committing an injustice by taking note so swiftly on their contribution but, in this play the team is important. Or the team proves to be above any praise.
Alice Georgescu – Ziarul de duminică, March 24, 2006


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