directed by Alexandru Dabija


Răzvan Mazilu, Monica Petrică și Clubul TangotangenT
coordonator Daniel Mandiță
Amalia Iscu
Anisia Popescu
Cristina Pătru
Monica Șurubariu
Lucian Stan
Gilbert Iscu
Laurențiu Lungianu

A performance by: Răzvan Mazilu
Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Costumes: Wilhelmina Arz
Soundtrack: Răzvan Mazilu, Daniel Măndiță
Set & light design: Alexandru Dabija

Tours and festivals

Argentian Tango Days, Timisoara, March 1, 2009
Theatre Festival, Piatra Neamt, October 28, 2008
Tour in Timisoara, May 2008
The Romanian Theatre Week in Madrid, April 10, 2008
Tour in Budapest at the Duna Palace, November 18, 2007
The OperaEstate Festival Veneto, Bassano del Grappa (Italy), June 24, 2007
The International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, May 27, 2007
Tour in Jerusalem, (Israel) within the International Book Fair, February 18, 2007
The International Opera, Operetta and Ballet Festival, Brasov, November 18, 2006
The National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, November 12, 2006


Photo gallery

Photos by Mihaela Marin

Tango is not a gregarious dance, but a proud and individual one. Dancing tango is truthfull as well as fully devoted, and a good dance is one that you remember many days after the milonga – just like a good play you saw one evening.
The more you dance tango, the harder it is to put it into words for someone who has never really tried it. For the spectator, tango often looks passional, erotic, etc, etc. – the list of cliches is well-known. From within though, tango is intimate, personal, warm, wellcoming. It is the expression of all human emotions combined, and it can, of course become very passional, erotic, etc., but only if both dancers choose to make it this way. The audience usually follows the movement of the dancers` legs. The dancers are focused on the embrace that bonds and moves them. The audience often enjoys the spectacular elements of the dance. The dancers want just the partner to enjoy the dance.
Daniel Măndiță
Opening date: May 12, 2006
Duration: 1h'
Afiș Un Tango Mas

Press reviews

Un Tango mas brings a fresh note within the current choreographic landscape, by exploring a direction of the scenic danse that has not been exploited by now and also values and highlights two of the most precious talents of our days – Razvan Mazilu and Monica Petrica.
Liana Tugearu – România Literară
A balance of emotions....this is the predominant feeling that you have after seeing Un Tango masfrom Odeon Theatre. As if, for a short period of time, a confession kidnapped you from the daily rythm, making you believe that one day, emerging from your secreat world, you will also feel to be among the tango dancers. The effect Un Tango mas has on you resembles, throughout its precision, to the effect of a haiku.
Virgil Oprina – Ziarul de Duminică
The proposal coming from Razvan Mazilu has, in this performance, the power of honesty and the awareness of one’s talent, in a concept that avoids as much as possible the ilussion of effect, unleashing the passion and pleasure of sharing with the spectators the charm of dansing, of understanding a small piece of the wonderful and huge universe of tango.
Oltea Șerban – Time out