Odeon Theatre presents
on Wednesday, 20 November 2019, at 19h00, at Studio Hall
within the European project

the reading performance

by Azar Mortazavi (Austria)

translation Elise Wilk
directed by Bobi Pricop
music Eduard Gabia
cast: Virginia Rogin, Sabrina Iașchevici, Meda Victor și Cezar Antal

The reading performance is followed by a debate on the theme of migration, moderated by Mihaela Michailov


A foreign man with a beard. A young dark-haired woman with a German passport. A lonely neighbour who only means well. A sad old woman who transforms her fear into anger one last time.

Among Germans is an impressive demonstration of how quickly we can turn into strangers, how we become mute if what is most important remains unsaid and what has been said metastasises inside our heads, turning neighbours into suspects and people into categories.

In Mortazavi’s text every fragile bond of intimacy that its characters awkwardly attempt to form dissolves into misunderstanding.

Among Germans was premiered at the Residenztheater in Munich, at the beginning of the year 2019.

My idealistic theatre doesn’t present certainties, doesn’t repeat stereotypes, but tells personal stories, creates figures and characters with all their ambivalences, so that we can forget all the separating labels and prejudices and find the common grounds. (Azar Mortazavi)


Azar Mortazavi was born in Wittlich/Rhineland Palatinate and studied Creative Writing and Arts Journalism in Hildesheim. In 2008 she took part in the international Festival Of Young European Playwrights in Utrecht. For her play ‘Todesnachricht’ (“Death Notice”) (world premiere 2011 Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern) she was awarded the Else Lasker-Schüler Playwriting Prize for 2010. In 2011 her short play ‘Himmel und Hölle’ (“Heaven and Hell”) was invited to the inaugural Karlsruhe Playwriting Festival at the Baden State Theatre in Karslruhe. In 2012 she was awarded the WIENER WORTSTAETTEN’s Exile Dramatist Prize. With her second play ‘Ich wünsch mir eins’ (“I have one wish”) (world premiere 2012, Theater Osnabrück, director: Annette Pullen) Azar Mortazavi was invited to the Mülheimer Theatertagen and the Autorentheatertagen Berlin 2013. In 2014 ‘Urteile’ (“Judgements”), a documentary theatre project about the victims of the NSU in Munich created in collaboration with the director Christine Umpfenbach, was premiered at the Residenztheater in Munich.