Odeon Theatre presents online Saturday, 12 December 2020, at 19h00, in the frame of the European project


by Nathalie Fillion
Translated by Ozana Oancea
Directed by Cristina Giurgea

Cast: Virginia Rogin, Ruxandra Maniu, Eduard Trifa, Mircea Constantinescu, Dan Bădărău, Sabrina Iașchevici, Gabriel Pintilei, Simona Popescu

The recording of this last show realized in the frame of this third edition of the project, will be available on facebook and youtube till 13 December, at midnight.

Out There

A contemporary family, a motley reconstituted family : grandparents, grandchildren, the rejects of separated spouses still grafted onto the family tree, and a son, Jean, middle manager, the center of this constellation, who supports everyone’s needs as best he can. But Jean, frugal and depressed fifty-something, just switched doctors… Suddenly propelled into euphoria by a new antidepressant, he stands on the verge of selling all of the family’s properties. As the global market collapses and the grandparents’ sound investments dissolve, everyone begs Madeleine, grandmother and pillar rock of the family, to put her nose in a business that doesn’t concern her: her son’s finances, and to bring back Jean to his senses. Blending playful and dramatic, intimate and political; Out There questions everyone’s relations with having and being and creates the portrait of three lost generations in a rich country in crisis.

Nathalie Fillion is a playwright, director and trained actor, and she directs her own plays. Since 2004: Alex Legrand (L’Harmattan), acclaimed by audiences and critics in Paris and on tour, Pling, musical tale (CDR Lorient), À l’ouest (Actes Sud Papiers) (les Célestins, le Rond-Point, tour), Sacré Printemps¸ theatre concert (created at the Centquatre, on tour since 2013), Leçon de choses (CDN Saint-Denis, Limoges, Nancy, Théâtre du Nord), Must go on, dance theatre piece (Montreal, Limoges, La Cartoucherie), Plus grand que moi (Théâtre de l’union, La Chartreuse, Avignon Festival 2017). Her plays have been translated and performed abroad, such as : Les Descendants (L’Avant-Scène), commissioned by the Comédie Française, produced in Rome, and broadcasted over RAI 3, À l’ouest (2011 Fondation Barrière Prize), translated in many languages, selected by the Comédie Française reading committee and presented in Montreal, San Francisco and created in Marburg (Germany). She wrote a libretto, Lady Godiva, Opéra pour un flipper (Opéra Bastille, Théâtre du Chatelet-Paris). Spirit, comédie occulte du siècle 21, supported by the Royal Court Theatre in London, presented at the 2015 Jamais Lu Festival in Montreal, will be created in France in 2018. She is a member of the Coopérative d’écriture, and an associate artist at the CDN Limoges and at the Théâtre du Nord. In July 2016, Nathalie Fillion was named Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Minister of Culture.

My attachment to playwriting comes from the unique way in which it puts into play a multiplicity of points of view around the same question and confronts them. I try to let the complexity of the world and its inhabitants emerge. I question my contemporaries’ contradictions, the tensions between our trivial preoccupations and our grand aspirations, our search for meaning, from the comic to the tragic. I create characters that are free to struggle with the conflict situations I’ve placed them in. I lie in wait of the epic in a time without heroes and struggle with the way women are represented, from writing to staging. Dialogue, polyphony, entanglement impose themselves, and any number of theatricalities inhabit each play, as any number of realities inhabit this world.” (Nathalie Fillion)

Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe: Beyond Borders? is a cooperation project among theatres, festivals and cultural organizations from 10 EU Countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, UK, Poland and Czech Republic). The network aims to support and promote the contemporary playwriting across Europe, in order to reinforce and enhance the activities and strategies of the professionals and artists working in the sector and to provide the theatre authors and professionals with opportunities of networking, multicultural encounter and professional development.

In the frame of this third edition, at Odeon Theatre, were translated and presented five stage readings - Lullaby by Erika Galli and Martina Ruggeri (Italy), directed by Elena Morar, Sadness & Melancholy by Bonn Park (Germany), directed by Bobi Pricop, You say tomato by Joan Yago (Spain), directed by Radu Iacoban, Among Germans by Azar Mortazavi (Austria), directed by Bobi Pricop, Amor mundi by Victoria Szpunberg (Spain), directed by Radu Apostol (presented online)  and two productions: Gardenia by Elzbieta Chowaniec (Poland) and For your own good by Pier Lorenzo Pisano (Italy), both directed by Zoltán Balázs (Hungary).


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