Odeon Theatre has the pleasure to announce the premiere of


Dramatization based on Jaroslav Hašek
Translated by Jean Grosu


Cast: Pavel Bartoș, Cezar Antal, Ioan Batinaș, Mircea Constantinescu, Marius Damian, Sabrina Iașchevici, Dorina Lazăr, Ruxandra Maniu, Paula Niculiță, Alexandru Papadopol, Gabriel Pintilei, Anda Saltelechi, Mihai Smarandache, Silvian Vâlcu, Veronica Gherasim, Dan Iosif
Rirected by: Alexandru Dabija
Stage design and costumes: Andrada Chiriac
Music: Ada Milea
Assistant director: Mădălin Hîncu

The show is based on the dramatization realised by the director Alexandru Dabija, which is inspired by the book written by Jaroslav Hašek – The Good Soldier Svejk. It is consider one of the most memorable and successful satirical writings of world literature, being not only an inteligent and convincing anti-war manifesto, but also one of the most funniest novels ever written.

„I don’t know if I will succeed to convey what I wanted. But the fact that I heard some people greeting each other: „You are dumb as Svejk!”, demonstrates the opposite. And even if Svejk will become a new curse in the crown of flourishing reproach, I will be satisfied with this contribution to the enrichment of the Czech language.”
(Jaroslav Hašek)

Jaroslav Hašek (April 30, 1883 - January 3, 1923), Czech writer, humorist and a socialist anarchist, it was the author of several humorous and satirical sketches, but he remained famous for the novel The Good Soldier Švejk, translated in more than 60 languages. Hašek has worked as journalist, has lived like a bohemian and he was an addict card player. Many of the situations and the characters in the novel are inspired from the military service that he carried out himself in the 91 Infantry Regiment of Austro-Hungarian Army.

The performance from the Odeon Theatre is starring Pavel Bartoș in the title role.
The first performances are scheduled for 13, 14, 19 and 21 February, 19h00 at the Majestic Hall.

Tickets prices: 31,80 lei; 15,90 lei


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