The legendary Theatre „U Mosta“of Russia
is for the first time in Odeon Theatre, Bucharest
with the performance

The Cripple of Inishmaan

by Martin McDonagh

On Saturday, November the 28th, at 19.00 at The Majestic Hall

Director and Stage designer: Serghei Fedotov
Cast: Alevtina Borovskaya, Irina Molyanova, Iliya Baboshin, Vasiliy Skidanov, Sergei Melnikov, Anastasia Muratova, Vladimir Ilyin, Semen Mineralov, Galina Grinberg

The performance will be shown in Russian with Romanian subtitles

The Cripple of Inishmaan is a black comedy written by Martin McDonagh who ties the story to the real shooting of the documentary The Man from Aran.
A small comunity from Aran Islands in Inishmaan, from the West cost of Irland, joyfully finds out that a shooting crew from Hollywood comes by in the neighbourhood, at Inishmore, to shoot a documentary about the life on the islands. „The crippled” Billy Claven, eager to beat the gossip, the poverty and the boredom of Inishmaan, is auditioning for a part in the movie and for everyone’s surprise, the orphan and the outcast ha a chance… or at least that is what he believes.
Starting from McDonagh’s play, „U Mosta” Theatre managed to create a strange performance, fun and emotional, which in 2010 won the prestigious National Theatre Award „The Golden Mask”.
From the opening night, the performance was presented at 27 national and international festivals and won 10 Grand–prix.
The Founder and the Artistic director of the Theatre „U Mosta“ is SERGEI FEDOTOV, who is also the Honoured artist of Russia, the winner of the Czech Republic National award, the winner of the Russian Federation Government award and the Golden Mask National Theatre award Winner.
Theatre „U Mosta“ is the Authorial Theatre. It preserves and continues the best traditions of Russian psychological theatre and combines the ideas of repertory theatre and theatre-lab. The exclusivity of Sergei Fedotov’s artistic method is that it aims to develop the traditions of great Russian psychological theatre that is enriched by the discoveries of Mikhail Chekhov’s and Jerzy Grotowski’s schools.

Duration: 2h and 40 minutes with a break
Tickets: 31,80 lei and 15,90 lei.