Odeon Theatre has the pleasure to announce the opening night of the performance
The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen
Translated and adapted by Sânziana Stoican

Directed by Sânziana Stoican
Stage design Valentin Vârlan
Cast: Cezar Antal, Sabrina Iaşchevici, Constantin Cojocaru/ Gelu Nițu, Ana Maria Moldovan, Ioan Batinaş, Anda Saltelechi, Silvian Vâlcu

Tickets price: 31.80 lei; 15,90 lei

The first performances will take place on 7, 8, 16 and 17 December from 19.00 at Majestic hall.

The text was published in Copenhagen in 1892 and its first staging was on January 19, 1893 at Lessing Theatre in Berlin, followed by the opening at Trafalgar Theatre in London, only a month later.

The Master Builder is considered to be the most autobiographical of Ibsen’s plays: `I believe Solness is the first confession made by a poet in theatre` (Albert Savine). Solness, a successfull architect, is feeling threatned by the ascension of the young generation, represented by the young drawer Ragnar Brovik who works for him. Caught up in a marriage emptied of substance by his wife Aline, Solness is attracted in an affective game by a young, vulnerable lady – the accountant Kaja Fosli – until the moment he becomes obssesed by the younger Hilde Wangel.

Ibsen combines in this play elements of realism and expressionism by deepening the cause – effect relationship and the provocative vision of the young director Sânziana Stoican constantly undermines the distinction between reality and fiction.


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