directed by Andrei Șerban, translated by Dana Dima


Raina: Sabrina Iașchevici / Nicoleta Lefter
Ecaterina: Antoaneta Zaharia
Luka: Alina Berzunțeanu / Ana Bianca Popescu
Bluntschli: Alexandru Papadopol / Gabriel Pintilei
Nikola: Marius Damian / Cezar Antal
Petkov: Gelu Niţu / Constantin Cojocaru
Sergius: Conrad Mericoffer / Cătălin Babliuc
Rusian officer: Dimitrii Bogomaz

Directed by: Andrei Șerban
Associate director: Dana Dima
Stage design: Anka Lupeş
Stage assistant: Andrada Chiriac
Sound: fragments from Ernani by Verdi

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Opening night: July 01, 2016
Duration: 2 h 45' (with brake)

The play speaks about the division of Europe, about nationalism and xenophobia, about the illusion of peace, but also about the ilussion of love for improving the reality; a show which makes you feel the difference between real love and the one on stage, as at the opera. Even Shaw's play was written a century ago, the theme is still topical.