Birthday:  October 5, 1960


1985 - Drama and Film Academy, Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, Section - Acting, prof. Mircea Albulescu class

Professional activity

Since 1990 actress at Odeon Theatre

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Amy, in Hamlet By W. Shakespeare, Directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
The Aggressive Grannies in Robinson Crusoe's Diary,  a musical after The Island by Gellu Naum, directed by Mihai Mănuțiu
The Witch
in The fisherman and his soul after Oscar Wilde, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu
Lucy in I’m coming back from far away by Claudine Galea, directed by Theo Herghelegiu
Agnes in The Hell Is a Memory That Can't Be Changed by Jonas Gardell, a performance by Mariana Cămărășan and Alexandra Penciuc
Ishkara in The Epic of Gilgamesh directed by Dragoș Galgoţiu
The Mother in Emilia Galotti after G.E. Lessing, directed by Radu Alexandru Nica
Charlotte in Quills by Doug Wright, directed by Beatrice Rancea
Marta in Misunderstanding by Al. Camus, directed by Silvia Ionescu
Verette in The Gossip Ladies by Michel Tremblay, directed by Petre Bokor
The sin in Seminar theatre after Petre Țuțea, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
The greek woman in At The Gipsy Woman after Mircea Eliade, directed by Alexander Hausvater
Electra in Electra, my love by Gyorko Laszlo, directed by Gelu Colceag
Momina in Tonight is improvised by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Alexa Visarion
Rosaura in The liar by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Vlad Mugur


Marin Sorescu, National Theatre Craiova (1989 – 1990)

Ofelia in Cousin Shakespeare by Marin Sorescu, directed by Mircea Cornișteanu
Maria in Summer garden dwarf by D.R.Popescu, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Sonia in Uncle Vania by A.P. Cehov, directed by Mircea Cornișteanu

National Theatre Bucharest (1981 -1989)

The Senator Wife in Caligula by A. Camus, directed by Horea Popescu
Vera in Ionescu family directed by Grigore Gonta
Leana in Hagi Tudose by B. St. Delavrancea, directed by Ion Cojar


The happiest day in the life of a girl directed by Radu Jude
The rally directed by Mircea Drăgan
Blue sleight directed by Ion Cărmăzan
Give mitigating circumstances directed by Lucian Bratu
Darkness directed by Mircea Veroiu
Kings of the Old Court directed by Mircea Veroiu
Justice in chains directed by Dan Pița
White lace dress directed by Dan Pița


Various films and TV and radio theater

Love like in the movies Pro TV
The child with two mothers Pro TV
The bag with tales BBC


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