by W. Shakespeare, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu


Hamlet: Eduard Trifa 
Claudius / Dead King: Marian Ghenea
Gertrude: Ana Maria Moldovan
Polonius: Valentin Popescu
Ofelia: Ioana Bugarin
Laertes: Vlad Bîrzanu
Rosencrantz: Alin State 
Guildenstern: Cezar Antal
Gravediggers: Irina MazanitisLaurențiu Lazăr
Actors: Meda Victor, Anda Saltelechi, Ioana Mărcoiu, Simona Popescu, Iosif Paștina
Amy: Diana Gheorghian
Woman in red: Mădălina Ciotea 
Osric: Marian Lepădatu
Reynaldo: Relu Poalelungi
Fortinbras: Ioan Batinaș

Dan Benga, Nicolae-Dan Cristian, Nicu Coman, Ion Iosif, Andrei Iosifescu, Șerban Lixandru,  Constanța Miu, Mihai Mitran, Dan Năstase, Gheorghe Neagu, Constantin Neagu, Dumitru Neagu, Petre Alexe, Iordan Popa, Gigel Popa, Dan Stanciu, Adrian Vasile, Cristian Vasile

Directed, stage version and soundtrack: Dragoș Galgoțiu
Stage design: Andrei Both
Costumes: Lia Manțoc
Light design: Cristian Niculescu, Ștefan Ioșca, Andrei Delczeg
Video: Sabina Spatariu & Luca Achim
Translated by: Mihaela Crețu

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Photo by Nicu Ilfoveanu

Opening date: December 9, 2018
Duration: 2h 50' (with intermission)

HAMLET is the play that offers Dragoș Galgoțiu, a well-known director for his radical theatrical experiments and the fascinating atmosphere of his performances, the perfect opportunity for a deeply-touching speech about loneliness and death.

"The existential experience is crepuscular, day and night fuse, what we understand is always haunted by darkness, by everything we do not understand and we can never understand. The fragile experience of being alive is unavoidably overshadowed by the ghost of death. Death is always present around us even if we ignore it, death is within us, sometimes we almost feel it, at any time it can touch us. Some of us feel and dream of death and are disturbed and attracted by the shadows of the night, by the journeys of the spirit into incomprehensible worlds, with a passion for understanding what erroneously seems possible to understand. “

Dragoș Galgoțiu

Press release

Teatrul Odeon. Hamlet, leul din cușcă

"An exciting, well-cut, logical and coherent show with well-crafted scenes. If you have classical tastes and you’re looking for an ethereal Hamlet, don’t take into consideration this version! If you want to see a Hamlet similar to our world, which does not lose anything of its old consistency, then do come and see the show at Odeon Theatre. You will win!”

<<Hamlet>>, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu. A Surrealistic review of Shakespeare by Andreea Nanu, 7 May 2019, Revista 22

"The premiere of Hamlet, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu at the Odeon Theatre, brings a contemporary look at the Prince of Denmark and the experience that seals his destiny: death. This way of reading the play is not unique in the landscape of recent stagings of William Shakespeare’s plays, continuously increasing their number, often with similar means, but with different results. Dragoș Galgoțiu proposes a Hamlet on our tongue, starting from a very good translation of the play made by Mihaela Crețu, by rethinking the characters and the relations between them, in a set-up deployed fully by using both halls, managing to show an interesting dialogue between the two parts of the play.


Dragoș Galgoțiu did an alchemical Hamlet. The show has an amazing metaphysical dimension, surprising by nature, because it extracts itself not from abstractions, but from the vitality of some young and passionate actors, from their mysterious and virile scenic presence, emanating from the play and from the boldly rethought by the director relations and also from the dialogue with the generation of mature actors with whom they evolve on stage. A Hamlet who, though descending deep down into the theatre, lifts us up, like a surreal island cut out from Magritte’s oniric imagination or Giorgio de Chirco’s incandescent alienation. Odeon’s Hamlet is spectacular, in the complex sense of a personal and direct encounter, that only the theatre show can offer us with the dilemma of existence, death and human mystery. And beyond all that."     



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