Birthday:  October, 30 1983


2012 – 2013 - Movie acting school “Florin Şerban”- Bucharest
2011 – 2013 - Master degree Acting – Hyperion University, Bucharest
2006 - 2008 – Hyperion University – Drama - Bucharest
1994 - 2001 – National Art College (Choreography) “O. Bancila” Iassy

Professional activity

Since 2017 actress at Odeon Theatre.

Theatre Parts

Odeon Theatre

2019 - Actress, in Hamlet By W. Shakespeare, Directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
2016 – Aggressive granny in Robinson Crusoe’s Diary after Gelu Naum, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
2014 – Lupita in Aliens with Extraordinary Skills by Saviana Stănescu, directed by Alex Mihail
2008 - The Epic of Gilgamesh, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
2007 – Louis’ girlfriend in Juste la fin du monde, directed by Radu Afrim


2015 – Paganini, directed by Mick Davis
2014 – In the valley with flower bouquet and beehive, by Shean O’Casie, directed by Horaţiu Mălăele
2014- Airport –We’ll see each other in the year that just passed, by Stefan Caraman, directed by Alex Noghy
2013 – Auto – directed by Mihaela Triboi – reading performance, Cervantes Institute
2013 – Morrison, Living Room Theatre
2010- Nebuna din Chaillot, directed by Alice Barb, Metropolis Theatre
2009 - Medeea Material, directed by Dragos Galgotiu (Avignon Festival)
2009 - Podu’, directed by Horaţiu Mălăele, Metropolis Theatre
2008- Leonce and Lena directed by Horaţiu Mălăele, Comedy Theatre
2007 – InqueBROADWAY,  directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, choreography by R. Mazilu - Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian”
2004-2005 The 4 murderers (Liz, Annie, June, Mona) in Chicago, directed by Richard Reguant – National Theatre Bucharest

Parts in movies

2016 – Ana, mon amour – directed by Călin Netzer
2014 – Tell me you like it, regie Cornel Mihalache (leading role)
2013 – Happy funerals, directed by Horaţiu Mălăele
2011 – Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, directed by Louis Morneau
2007 – Silent wedding, leading role Mara directed by Horaţiu Mălăele
2007 - Affinity, directed by Tim Fywell
2007 – Last night, directed by Richard Crudo
2006 – Dacă bobul nu moare, directed by Sinisa Dragin
2006 – And everything was nothing, directed by Cristina Nichitus

Parts in short movies

Călugăriţele Vrăjitoare documentary, directed by Marius Theodor Barna
Sume – directed by Mihaela Popescu
The window – directed by Giorgiana Moldoveanu
The hunger circus – directed by Alexandru Ispas
The island, directed by Laurentiu Rusescu
3 years and 8 months, directed by Stela Pelin
Perhaps the dream is dreaming us, directed by Gabriel Hancu Jr.
Appearances, directed by Hany El-Sayed
First day of the rest of the life, directed by Hany El-Sayed
Aitilop, regie Matei Mocanu
Sybonay, directed by Andrei Barbu
Estrellas en tus ojos, directed by Andrei Barbu

Parts in TV series

2016 – Life lessons, PRO TV
2015 - Life lessons, PRO TV
2012 – Las Fierbinţi, PRO TV
2006 - Sonya in Martori fără voie, directed by Andi Lupu
2006 - Maruca Cantacuzino in Romance in politics, directed by Radu Gaina

2012 – Nominated “Best actress” – ELLE Awards
2009 – Nominated Best actress in a leading role for the part in Silent wedding “Gopo”
2007 – Awarded the Best actress in a secondary role for the part of Ghertruby, International Students Festival of theatre and film Hyperion
2008 - Awarded the Best actress in a secondary role, ex aequo (Helena, The whole world is a stage), International Students Festival of theatre and film Hyperion



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