Birthday: October 16, 1986


2004 – 2008 - The National University of Theatre and Film, "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, Acting section, Prof. PhD. Adriana Popovici

Professional activities

2008 – 2010 actor at Valah Theatre in Giurgiu
Since 2013 actor at Odeon Theatre

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Ragnar Brovik in The Master Builder, by Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Sânziana Stoican
Edward Steichen, in Brâncuși Against United States, Text and directed by Eric Vigner, translated by George Banu

Gregor’s father, Georg in Kafka.5 dreams, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu Macuna, A drunk man, An officer in Svejk, based on Jaroslav Hašek, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Ilie, Chiril’s son in Three generations by Lucia Demetrius, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Child Casanova, Molinari, Truffaldino in Casanova after The Memoires of J. Casanova de Seingalt, written by himself, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
First man, Z, The son in Against democracy by Esteve Soler, directed by Alexandru Dabija, translated by Luminiţa Voina-Răuţ
Mugur Călinescu in Typographic Capital Letters by Gianina Cărbunariu
Steve Hubbell in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, directed by Dinu Cernescu


The Hunter in Don't cry baby by Catinca Drăganescu,  directed by Eugen Jebeleanu at Green Hours
Viktor in A Warsow Melody by Leonid Zorin, directed by Cosmina Stancu
Nikos in Zorba after Nikos Kazantzakis, directed by Ioan Mihai Cortea at Unteatru
Lysander in The Dream after A Midsummer Night’s Dream by W. Shakespeare, directed by Marius Gâlea at GODOT Cafe Theatre
With the Soul by Dimitre Dinev, directed by Alexandra Popescu (Teatrul Podul, 2011)
XX in The Émigrés by Slawomir Mroźek at Arca Theatre
Duke in Women of Manhattan by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Marius Gâlea at Arca Theatre
C in S Sector by Emanuel Pârvu, directed by Cosmin Creţu at TV Giurgiu
Georges Jaquet in The Possible Child by André Roussin, directed by Liviu Lucaci at Valah Theatre in Giurgiu, 2010
The Prisoner in How is the World, Mister? It's Turning, Mister! by François Billetdoux, at Valah Theatre in Giurgiu, 2009
The Boy in What he owns is only love by Dumitru Solomon at Valah Theatre in Giurgiu, 2009
Dorante in Half-Witted Jourdain after Mikhail Bulgakov (Valah Theatre in Giurgiu, 2009)
Mitchell Lovell în Murder at the Howard Johnson's by Ron Clark and Sam Bobrik (Valah Theatre in Giurgiu, 2009)
A cop in …Before The End After..., a choregraphic performance directed by Tünde Baczo (The German State Theatre in Timisoara, 2008)


The Iurie Darie Special Jury’s Award for Alex in The Board movie – UCIN 2015


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