The salt of the earth

Music: Old Romanian folklore. Special guest: Grigore Lese
Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu
Liliana Iorgulescu
Ioana Macarie
Andreea Duță
Violeta Dumitrașcu
Ramona Bădulescu / Vava Ștefănescu
Bolero. The Lost King

Music: Maurice Ravel

Choreography: Claudia Martins & Rafael Carrico (Portugal)

Razvan Mazilu

Stage design: Sergiu Nap

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Opening date: December 15, 2002

Press Reviews

The dancer and choreographer Liliana Iorgulescu chose for her performance Romanian folk music. The result is a a display of profound meanings, about the existence in a ritual world, about transcending tradition and re-establishing order in a world that still remembers myth. Highly expressive, the dancers’ movements have spoken about purity , getting close to nature, about ritual, about those who are “the Earth’s salt” and “the life’s light”. The second part of the performance, Razvan Mazilu’s “Bolero” is a personal commentary of Ravel’s music, meant to be a counterpart to the story of the king whose being disintegrates after losing power, for power is his reason to live. It’s a choreography about decay and disintegration, that speculates Mazilu’s corporal abilities, on a very powerful music, in a contradictory, yet perfectly coherent dialogue.
Iulia Popovici – Ziua, December 2002
The simple movements remind us of the daily gestures. Nevertheless, the choreographers processed their angularity. The knee-bent jumps were the base of the choreographical sentences, and developed into a personal style. The choreographers Liliana Iorgulescu, Claudia Martins and Rafael Carrico created for Razvan Mazilu a complex rich score, which the dancer rendered wonderfully.
Liana Tugearu – România Literară, January 2003
“The Earth’s salt” benefits from the participation of Grigore Lese, who sings live old Romanian folk music and suits perfectly the choreographer’s desire to go back to the rirual roots of Romanian being.
The performance relives, with a folklore tent ,the life’s archaic road… One can say that it is a prformance of choreographic austerity.
Cristina Rusiecki – Curierul Românesc, February 2003
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