Birthday: November 7, 1940


1957 - 1961 Drama and Film Institute, Theatre Faculty, Acting Section, class Ion Finteșteanu

Professional activities

2003 - 2017 Manager of Odeon Theatre
1996 - 2002 Artistic Manager of Odeon Theatre
1995 Jury's President at The Young Actors Festival, Costinesti
1990 Member of the jury at The Film Festival, Costinești
1990 Founder of the Theatre Company "Artistically Company Bucharest"
Since 1969 actress at Odeon Theatre
1961–1969 actress at Regional Theatre Bucharest

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Catherine the Great in Casanova Based on J. Casanova de Seingalt’s Memoirs, written by himself, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
Chiriachița in Titanic Waltz by Tudor Muşatescu, Directed by Alexandru Dabija
Gran'ma in R.R. - The Comet, The Child and The Dog based on texts by I.L.Caragiale, directed by Alexandru Dabija
The wife, The tourist, She in Such Hope by Hanoch Levin, directed by Radu Afrim
Quince in Pyramus & Thisbe 4 You based on William Shakespeare, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Rose in Hotel room trilogy by Barry Gifford, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Lady in Ionesco – Five Sketches by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Zsuzsa in Thursdayparty by Katalin Thuroczy, directed by Radu Afrim
Honeysuckle in The Adventures of Dunno by Nikolai Nosov, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Grete in The Presidents by Werner Schwab, directed by Sorin Militaru
Eftimia in Mister Leonida by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
Aneta Duduleanu in The Rattlers by Alexandru Kiriţescu, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Mistress Molly in The Boss Grady's Boys by Sebastian Barry, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Ziţa in A Stormy Night by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu
Character Actress in Tonight we improvise by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Alexa Visarion
Valentina in Stars in The Morning Light by Alexandr Galin, directed by Gelu Colceag
The Neighbour in Miss Nastasia by G. M. Zamfirescu, directed by Horea Popescu
Germaine Lauzon in The Gossip Ladies by Michel Tremblay, directed by Petre Bokor
Carmen Sylva in Still Eminescu by Ion Nicolescu, directed by Tudor Mărăscu
Arcadina in The seagull by A.P. Cehov, directed by Gelu Colceag
She in Discussion without witnesses by A. Ghelman, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
One-eyed Owl in Silver medallion Marica and Dinu Beligan dramatization of the novel "Paris Mysteries" Cernescu Paris Eugene Sue, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Masa Ghentova in Cruel games by A. Arbuzov, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Sânziana Hangan in The art of conversation scenario by George Bănică on The art of conversationby Ileana Vulpescu, directed by Eugen Todoran
The Procuress in Pericle by W. Shakespeare, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Margret in Woyzeck by Georg Buchner, directed by Alexa Visarion
Maria in We don't born all at the same age by Tudor Popescu, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Maria in Noises team by Fănuș Neagu, directed by Alexa Visarion
Veta in A stormy night by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Alexa Visarion
Iocasta in King Oedip by Sofocle, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Dina in Dangerous love by Th. Mănescu, directed by Tudor Mărăscu
Alexandra Mihailovici in Yes or no by Al. Ghelman, directed by Alexa Visarion
Poporanca in Zamolxe by Lucian Blaga, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Eugenia Plătică in Characters by Monciu Sudinschi, directed by George Bănică
Ecaterina in Shakespeare bird by D.R. Popescu, directed by Alexa Visarion
Anca in The blight by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Alexa Visarion
Puica in Saturday at veritas by Mircea Radu Iacoban, directed by Geta Vlad
Moscardina-Carmine in Liola by Luigi Pirandello, directed by V. Al. Toscani
Author's Wife in Prompter's revenge by V.I. Popa, directed by C. Gheorghiu
Nina Damian in ...Escu by Tudor Mușatescu, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Mariana in Measure foe measure by W. Shakespeare, directed by Dinu Cernescu
King's Sister in Master builder Manole by Lucian Blaga, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Margo in Freddy by Robert Thomas, directed by Geta Vlad
Orsetta in Squabbles in Chioggia by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Petra in Tango at Nisa by Mircea Radu Iacoban, directed by Geta Vlad
Ioana in These sad angels by D.R. Popescu, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
Marcelline in The marriage of Figaro by Beaumarchais, directed by Dinu Cernescu


Regional Theatre Bucharest

Masa in Armoured train by Vsevolod Visnevski, directed by Vlad Mugur
Freulein in Mateiaș the gooseherd by Alexandru Andrițoiu, regia Vlad Mugur
Lady Tarsiţa in Iaşii in carnaval by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Aspasia in The war by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Horea Popescu
Dorotka in The forgot devil by Jan Drda, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Nunuţa in I love the 7-th by C. Sovan, directed by Ion Simionescu
Leda in Amphytrion 38 by Pastor, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Lissete in Turcaret by Alain Rene Lesage, directed by Ion Simionescu
Varvara in Handmill by Ion Luca, directed by Călin Florian
Cula in A liar is searched by Psatas, directed by Horia Gârbea
Roiniţa in Mioriţa by Valeriu Anania, directed by Marietta Sadova
Despina in The dance of the princess by Radu Stanca, directed by Sorana Coroama Stanca
Mistress Petypon in The lady from Maxim's by Georges Feydeau, directed by G. Teodorescu
Erinie in The flies by Jean Paul Sartre, directed by Călin Florian


Fly over a turkey hen's nest directed by Ovidiu Georgescu (2003)
Modigliani directed by Mick Davis (2003)
Saint-Ange directed by Pascal Laugier (2003)
Amen directed by Costa Gavras (2001)
The stone cross directed by Andrei Blaier (1993)
Love is a invincible directed by Mihnea Columbeanu (1993)
An unforgettable summer directed by Lucian Pintilie (1993)
The balance directed by Lucian Pintilie (1991)
Divorce of love directed by Andrei Blaier (1991)
The moment of truth directed by Andrei Blaier (1989)
A studio looking for a star directed by Nicolae Corjos (1988)
The summer holiday directed by Andrei Blaier (1988)
Some great boys directed by Cornel Diaconu (1987)
Let tell me about me directed by Mihai Constantinescu (1987)
The teenagers directed by Nicolae Corjos (1986)
It is beautifull in september in Venice directed by Nae Caranfil (1986)
Do you give palliating circumstances? directed by Lucia Bratu (1984)
Love and revolutions directed by Gheorghe Vitanidis (1983)
A swan in winter directed by Mircea Mureșan (1983)
The scourge directed by Alexa Visarion (1982)
Ana and "The Thief" directed by Virgil Calotescu (1981)
The sign of the snake directed by Mircea Verona (1981)
Angela goes farther directed by Lucian Bratu (1981)
Stop cadre directed by Ada Pistiner (1980)
Lights and shadows directed by Andrei Blaier, Mihai Constantinescu, Mircea Muresan serial TV (1979–1982)
Ways in balance directed by Virgil Calotescu (1978)
The last night of loneliness directed by Virgil Calotescu (1976)
The mastodon directed by Virgil Calotescu (1975)
Păcală directed by Geo Saizescu (1974)


Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in France, 2012
Excellency Award Gina Patrichi for the value of her theatrical and movie creation, granted by the Cultural Association Diallog, 2011
Elena Deleanu Award for the continuity of the Romanian theatre values in the management program of Odeon Theatre, granted by the Cultural Association Diallog, 2011
Excellency Award granted by National Council Femina, 2011
Audience Award, the Actress of the Year at the Celebrities Gala, 2011
Distinction for 45 years of movies and television, granted by the Romanian Television, 2011
Honorary citizen of the city of Hunedoara, 2010
Award for Cultural Management within Universities Galas from Iași, 2010
Award for lifetime achievement at International Film Festival, Cluj, 2010
Award for lifetime achievement at the Bucharest Awards for Art and Culture, Performing Arts Section, 2009
UNITER Award for Lifetime Achievement in Acting (2008)
The Best Actress for Grette in HOLY MOTHERS by Werner Schwab grant by Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs (2003)
The Best Actress for Aneta Duduleanu in THE RATTLERS at The Comedy Festival, Galați (2003) National Order for Theatrical Achievement (2000)
The Best Movie Actress at The Movie Festival "Henri Langlois" Tours , France for She in IT IS BEAUTIFUL IN SEPTEMBER IN VENICE ( 1986)
The Best Actress awarded by Theatre Makers and Musicians Association from Romania for Maria in WE DON'T BORN ALL AT THE SAME AGE (1984)
The Best Movie Actress awarded by Filmmakers Association from Romania for Angela in ANGELA GOES FARTHER (1982)
The Bronze Lion at The International Theatre Festival from Arezzo for the performance FALSE WITNESS (1979)



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