Birthday: November 22, 1955


1975 - 1980 Drama and Film Institute, Bucharest, Acting Section, class Olga Tudorache

Professional activities

Since 1989 actor at Odeon Theatre
1981 - 1989 actor at "Ion Creanga" Theatre, Bucharest
1980 - 1981 actor at State Theatre, Baia Mare

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Osric, in Hamlet By W. Shakespeare, Directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
Ştefan, neighbour
in Three Generation By Lucia Demetrius, Directed by Dinu Cernescu
Don Giovanni, Pierrot, tailor in Casanova Based on J. Casanova de Seingalt’s Memoirs, written by himself, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
The Doctor in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, directed by Dinu Cernescu
The Narrator in The fisherman and his soul after Oscar Wilde, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu
Ziggy Fluß in I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright, directed by Beatrice Rancea
Twistum in The Adventures of Dunno by Nikolai Nosov, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Guiderius in Cymbeline by William Shakespeare, directed by Lazslo Bocsardi
Lunatic in Quills by Doug Wright, directed by Beatrice Rancea
The father of Ranevskai, Liubovi Andreevna in The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Cehov, directed by Sorin Militaru
A citizen in Mister Leonida by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
An officer in Chips With Anything by Arnold Wesker, directed by Alice Barb
The groom in Wedding with kidnappings after "The Wedding" by A.P. Cehov and "The Sabine Womens" by Leonid Andreev, directed by Beatrice Bleonţ
The swedish messenger in Ivan the Terrible by Bulgakov, directed by Beatrice Bleonţ
The tramp in Miss Nastasia by G.M. Zamfirescu, directed by Horea Popescu
Brighella in Carlo vs Carlo by Paul Ioachim, directed by Horațiu Mălăele
The monk in Escurial by M. Ghelderode, directed by Dan Victor
King Lear by W. Shakespeare, directed by Mircea Marin
Tonight we improvise by L. Pirandello, directed by Alexa Visarion
Karamazov Brothers after F.M. Dostoievski, directed by Alexandru Vasilache
Saragosa – 66 days after Jan Potocki, directed by by Alexandru Dabija
Co-production SMART, Odeon Theatre and “Theatre der Welt/Berlin” Festival, under the aegis of THEOREM, a programme coordinated by “Festival d’Avignon”


Ion Creangă Theatre

The wandering Prince in The snow fairy
Percinet in The sentimentalist by E. Rostand
Grigore in The boy and the flower by T. Popescu
Haralamb in At full sails by Radu Tudoran
The junky in Free fall by C. Mortimer
Ştefan Vardia in Zero for behavior by O. Sava
The Prince in Cinderella stage and directed by Ion Lucian

Theatre of State Baia Mare

The neddy in Furniture and suffering by Teodor Mazilu
Piccolo in The hope does not die at dawn by R. Guga
Patriciu Grigorescu in Inquiry over an innocent young man by A. Dohotaru
The rain boy in Two theatres by J. Szanieavski


Celino in Venetian act by Camil Petrescu (Jewish State Theatre and Excelsior Theatre)
John Brownlaw in A farewell weekend by W.D. Home (George Ciprian Theatre, Buzău)
Almaviva Count in The barber from Seville by Beaumarchais (George Ciprian Theatre, Buzău)
Victor in Waiting for somebody by Paul Ioachim (George Ciprian Theatre, Buzău)
Dan, Aga Carasol, The Leutenant in The third stake by Marin Sorescu (Bulandra Theatre)


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