Birthday:  October 15, 1987


2009-2011 - The National University of Theatre and Film, "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest, The Art of the Actor Master, Prof. PhD. Gelu Colceag
2006-2009 - The National University of Theatre and Film, "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, Acting section, Prof. lect. PhD. Andreea Vulpe; Coord. Prof. Doru Ana

Professional activity

Since 2013 actress at Odeon Theatre
2011- 2013 actress at Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamţ

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Katerina Ivanova / Katia in Delirium, by Enda Walsh, after "The Brothers Karamazov", by F.M. Dostoievski, directed by Vlad Massaci
Kaja Fosli in The Master Builder, by Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Sânziana Stoican
Raina in Arms and the man  directed by Andrei Șerban
Eliza, Ruxandra’s daughter
in Three Generation by Lucia Demetrius, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Nanette, Mrs. F., Leah, Manon in Casanova Based on J. Casanova de Seingalt’s Memoirs, written by himself, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu
Gena in Titanic Waltz by Tudor Muşatescu, directed by Alexandru Dabija


Winnie in Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, directed by Sânziana Stoican, unteatru, 2012
She in The Story Of The Panda Bears by Matei Vişniec, directed by Adrian Tamaş, Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamt, 2013
The Dove in Look at Them by Leonid Filatov, directed by Tudor Tăbăcaru, Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamt, 2012
La fille in Un riche et trois pauvres by Louis Calaferte, directed by Alain Sabaud and Florin Didilescu, Theatre “Ioan Slavici” Arad and Amifran Group, 2011
Lena in Ceo Stig Larsson, directed by Andreea Vulpe, Nottara Theatre, 2011
Nina Zarecinaia in The Seagull by A. P. Chekhov, directed by Andreea Vulpe, “Toma Caragiu” Theatre, Ploiești, 2010
Laura Dame in If you were to die... by Florian Zeller, directed by Carmen Veștemeanu, The Very Little Theatre, Bucharest 2010
Chat Noir in The Dragon by D.Schwartz, directed by Mathieu Loiseau, La Jacqueline Paris Company, produced by Phalsbourg Festival, France, 2009
Lucia in Stella by Goethe, directed by Ștefan Iordănescu, “Ioan Slavici” Theatre, Arad 2006

The National University of Theatre and Film

Roza in The Unhappy Ones by Fust Milan, directed by Zsuzsana Kovacs, 2011
Bee, Jo, Alex in Chinamen by Michael Frayn, directed by Andreea Vulpe, 2009
The student in The Lesson de Eugene Ionesco, directed by Ramona Iacob, 2009


A dog that didn’t deserve to be a child, short film, directed by Delia Pantecan, 2013
Iulia Popescu in 2+2, lung metraj, directed by Thomas Ciulei, 2012
She in J’ai fait un reve, short film, directed by Carmen Vestemeanu, 2012
Miruna Jipescu in Hello, how are you?, directed by Alexandru Maftei, 2011
17 years old girl in The Whistleblower, directed by Larysa Kondracky, 2011
She in White Coffee, short film directed by Mara Trifu, 2011
Raluca in Paul and Cristina, short film, directed by Volentiru Ion, 2009
The first morning after, documentary, directed by Matei Lucaci, 2009
The lover from Ploiești in TVR- Famous People -Ticu Dumitrescu, documentary, 2009
Alexandra in Good mornings, short film, directed by Paul Manolescu, 2007


FNTi Bucharest Grand Prix show Treason of Harold Pinter, 2014
Award for Best Actress for her role in the show Emma Treason of Harold Pinter Theatre Marathon Independent Fringe Bucharest, 2014
Best Actress Award for Winnie in Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, National Independent Theatre Festival 2013
The Big Prize “Stefan Iordache” for Winnie in Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, Hop Gala 2012
Best Actress Award for Roza in The Unhappy Ones by Fust Milan, UNATC Graduates Gala, Bucharest 2011
Best Actress Award for Jo, Bee and Alex in Chinamen by Michael Frayn, Youth Festival, Piatra Neamț 2010
Best Actress Award for The student in The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Ramona Iacob, UNATC Graduates Gala, Bucharest 2009
Best Female Interpretation for She in Street Story, directed by Carmen Vlaga, “Theatrum Mundi” Festival Arad 2005
Best couple on stage in Anonymous Venetian by Giuseppe Berto, directed by Camelia Circa-Chirila, “Orpheus” Festival Iași 2005
Third Place – Musical Section of “Theatrum Mundi” Festival with the folk band Păpuşarii, Arad 2005
First Place - Poetry Interpretation Contest „The return to poetry”, 2004, 2005, 2006, Arad


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