The Maiden and the death

Music: Franz Schubert
Choreography: Ioan Tugearu
Dancers: Monica Alexandra Petrică, solist at the National Romanian Opera
Special guest: Liana Mărgineanu, Oana Ştefănescu, Ana Maria Moldovan, Dimitrii Bogomaz, Ionuţ Kivu


Music: Karl Jenkins
Choreography: Mihai Babuska
Dancers: Corina Dumitrescu and Ovidiu Matei Iancu, from the National Romanian Opera and Loredana Salaoru, Oana Popescu, Gabriela Popovici, Silvia Rotaru, Georgiana Stroe, Adela Crăciun, Cristina Tătulescu, Monica Balarie


Music: Corneliu Cezar, performed by the Madrigal chorus, conducted by Marin Constantin
Lyrics by: Garcia Lorca, Rabindranath Tagore, Heinz Kahlau, Omar Khayam, Nicolae Labiș, Eugen Jebeleanu
Choreography: Ioan Tugearu
Dancers: Răzvan Mazilu
Special guest: Gelu Niţu
Costumes: Sergiu Nap

Tours and festivals


Opening date: March 9, 2003

Press Reviews

…all the three moments in the premiere at the Odeon had exceptional casts (as all the previous performances), because Razvan Mazilu starts from the idea – perfectly motivated – that the dance nights of the cycle he created must bring on the scene “la crème de la crème”. A proof for the fact that he has managed to keep up with his high level is the success of his new premiere and the audience’s interest for the other performances of Odeon theatre, the only theatre that had the initiative to host other shows outside current dramatic repertory.
Anca Florea – Curentul, March 2003
As if its creators had deliberately desired this, the second episode of the serial “Dance at the Odeon” illustrates the three fundamental hypostases of the ballet, according to what he wants to communicate to the spectator: the abstract beauty of the rythmic choreography (Palladio), the subtle fantasy of the corporal expression inspired by poetry (Revelation) or the parable that can be translated into words (The maiden and the death).
Luminița Vartolomei – România literară, April 2003
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