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Classic is fantastic – The Childhood of Great Musicians with the premiere

Bach’s Childhood

The dolls’ construction: Aurelia Olteanu
Director: Monica Ciută,
Scenario: Emanuel Ciocu,
Scenography: Sânziana Tarţă,
Expertise consultant: Cristina Sârbu

Cast: Valeria Cristia, Filip Ristovski, Sânziana Tarţă, Irina Sârbu, Monica Ciută, Alexandru Unguru, Monica Buştean (Violin), Raluca Ouatu (Piano)

Johann Sebastian Bach was the eighth child of Johann Ambrosius and of his wife Elisabeth. He was born in 1785 in the German town Eisenach and from the moment he was born, he was permanently in touch with music. From nine generations the Bach family was praising with exceptional musicians. His father was a very much appreciated musician and he was famous for his seriousness and severity. He fostered and helped build up many great musicians. His children were breathing music as if they were breathing air. It appears that Sebastian did not need music lessons because he learned by himself, developed his own skills and amazed everyone with his talent. His first learned to play the violin and then he learned playing the tenor violin. Then he discovered the pipe organ! The love for this instrument was growing bigger day by day. The things he could do with the pipe organ. If one used the proper pipes, it could sound as if birds were singing or as a flute or as a human voice, a trumpet, an oboe, a bassoon. The eight years boy was fascinated. He will find comfort in music when he loses his mother at nine years old. He would often talk with his good friends Sică, Rică and Lola, relating them how many fantastic things one can do with sounds and how wonderful life can become when one dedicates it to music.


Opening day: Sunday, the 9th of November, 18h00,  Studio Hall
Duration:  55 min

Tickets price: adults 21,20 lei, children 12,72 lei


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