Odeon Theatre and The Classic is Fantastic Association invite you 
at the Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood 
Project for music education to children through
with the performance

Beethoven’s childhood

Dolls production: Aurelia Olteanu
Directed by: Monica Ciută
Script by: Emanuel Ciocu
Stage design: Sânziana Tarța
Consultant: Cristina Sârbu
Cast: Filip Ristovski, Monica Ciută, Alexandra Badea, Irina Sârbu, Valeria Cristia and Raluca Ouatu (pianist)

Classic is fantastic - Great Composers’ Childhood is a musical education project, conducted jointly with the Association Classic is fantastic, which is composed of theatre and music shows that appeals to children from 4 to 10 years.
Beethoven’s childhood invites parents and their children to make a one hour visit to XVIIIth century Germany, a great opportunity to meet young Ludwig van Beethoven. The production presents the story of the one that will enrich the universal classical music thesaurus not only through his great symphonies, sonnets and his concerts for violin and piano, but also through a new musical and technical approach: the variation on a given theme. Therefore, if you are curious on discovering more about musical variations, the harpsichord history, the organ and at the same time to listen and enjoy a classical music concert, we welcome you at the theatre!

Tickets: adults 21,20 lei; children 12,72 lei
Duration: 1 h

First representations Jan 8, 10 and 17th 2016

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