Odeon Theatre and The Classic is Fantastic Association invite you at the Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood
Project for music education to children through continues
Saturday, June 1st, from 11.00h and 18.00h
Sunday, June 2, from 11.00h
with the performance

Chopin’s Childhood

Conception and puppets construction: Aurelia Olteanu,
Directed by: Monica Ciută,
Script: Emanuel Ciocu,
Stage design: Sânziana Tarţa,
Artistic consultant: Cristina Sârbu
Cast: Alin Olteanu, Monica Ciută, Sânziana Tarţa, Valeria Cristia, Aurelia Olteanu and Raluca Ouatu (violin)


Classic is fantastic - Great Composers’ Childhood is a musical education project, conducted jointly with the Association Classic is fantastic, which is composed of theatre and music shows that appeals to children from 4 to 10 years.
The tale says that two mice Sică and Rică have lived, in series, inside Antonio Vivaldi’s violin, in Johann Sebastian Bach’s pipe organ, in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s bookcase, in Ludwig van Beethoven’s clavecin, in Frédérik Chopin’s piano.
Frédéric Chopin’s father was French, his mother Polish and they were both great amateurs of music. When the child was one month old, the family moves to Warsow and they open a boys’ pension requested by the best families in town. The music was an important part of a highly education.
In every house there was at least one piano and someone who used to play it, `sometimes even excellent`, as noted by the newspapers of the time. Pani Justina, Frédéric’s mother, was playing the piano fairly well. She was giving music lessons and inside the pension there was hired a dance teacher.

Justina was accompanied the little dancers who interpreted the most popular dances – the waltz, the mazurka, the polonaise. The little Frédéric was always under the piano and not only that he delightfully listened but soon he tried writing musical pages similar to those that he was hearing.

The first mazurka was written in 1817, when he was only 7 years long, after just one year after he had started his piano lessons. It was followed by other mazurkas, polkas, waltzes... On these melodies Sică, Rică and Lola also learn with great joy to dance.

The child was talented in writing also. At the age of six he used to create small poems that he noted on the newspaper’s welt or the sandwiches’ wrapping paper. Frédéric Chopinis considered today the greatest Polish musician and one of the most appreciated composers worldwide.

His great love was the piano, instrument for which he had written all his wonderful musical pages.

Tickets price: Adult 21,20 lei; children 12,72 lei
Duration: 1h 10 min

The performance was made possible with the help of Savana, Dacia and The Polish Institute.

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