Odeon Theatre and The Classic is Fantastic Association invite you at the Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood
Project for music education to children through continues
Saturday 30 and sunday, march 31, 11.00h
with the performance

Vivaldi’s Childhood

Conception and puppets construction: Aurelia Olteanu,
Directed by: Monica Ciută,
Script: Emanuel Ciocu,
Stage design: Sânziana Tarţa,
Artistic consultant: Cristina Sârbu
Cast: Alin Olteanu, Monica Ciută, Sânziana Tarţa, Irina Sârbu, Aurelia Olteanu and Monica Kurutz (violin)


Classic is fantastic - Great Composers’ Childhood is a musical education project, conducted jointly with the Association Classic is fantastic, which is composed of theatre and music shows that appeals to children from 4 to 10 years.

The tale says that two mice Sică and Rică have lived, in series, inside Antonio Vivaldi’s violin, in Johann Sebastian Bach’s pipe organ, in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s bookcase, in Ludwig van Beethoven’s clavecin, in Frédérik Chopin’s piano.

Willing to travel, Sică and Rică have secretely entered a suitcase and... they have travelled to Italy, Venice. Situated in North-Eastern Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world situated on the 118th isles bound by canals and bridges, Venice is built practically on water, its wonderful palaces are supported by wooden bankseats, and the human and merchandise travel evolved still on water. Water, a lot of water – this image scares the two travelling mice.
However, their fear magically dissapers when they discove that they have arrived in a house full of music and they know the little Antonip Vivaldi, a lovable boy, red-headed, a wonderful violonist and a full of ideas composer who immediatly attracts everyone in his musical game, explaining to them how the sounds can speak, can relate and describes the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Tickets price: adult 21,20 lei; children 12,72 lei
Duration: 1h 10 min

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