Odeon Theatre and The Classic is Fantastic Association 
invite you at the Classic is Fantastic – Great Composers’ Childhood 
Project for music education to children through
continues with the performance

Rossini and the Story of Wilhelm Tell

The production was supported by the Swiss Embassy and the Cultural Fund - .Swiss Sponsors Fund

Puppets’ creation: Aurelia Olteanu
Directed by: Monica Ciuta
Written by: Cristina Sarbu
Dolls creation and stage design: Valeria Cristia
Costumes: Sânziana Tarta
Cast : Filip Ristovski, Monica Ciută, Alexandru Unguru, Irina Sârbu, Alexandra Badea, Valeria Cristia and the pianist Raluca Ouatu.

Duration 1 h
Tickets price: 21,20 lei (adult), 12,72 lei (child)

Classic is fantastic - Great Composers’ Childhood is a musical education project, conducted jointly with the Association Classic is fantastic, which is composed of seven theatre and music shows that appeals to children from 4 to 10 years.

Gioachino Rossini (1792 – 1868) is best known and endeared by the lyrical production’s public especially for his comical operas: The Barber of Seville, The Silken Ladder, The Italian Girl in Algiers, The Journey to Reims...And still, the subject of his very last work (1829) is serious, profound and with ample meanings – The Story of Wilhelm Tell.

The future composer was born in the town of Pesaro on February 29th, 1792. The child loves crowded and colorful fairs, with clowns, puppets shows that present shorts scenes accompanied by music. Here is where he first heard the story of Wilhelm Tell. The story took place in the Lake of the four cantons region in Switzerland in the XIII century. In the name of the Habsburg Empire, the Austrian soldiers took over the country inhabited by a free and proud population. The new governor, Gessler, is a mean, cruel and smug. To show his power, he humiliates the Swiss forcing them to leave and even more, to kneel before a ... hat hanged in the spike of a spear, which, he said, represents the authority of the Wien Emperor. The one that does not obey will be sentenced to death.

The legend says that Wilhelm Tell was a man of the mountains, fearless and strong. He passes along with his son in the area where the hat was mockingly hanged and refuses to knell before it. The governor comes then with a terrible trial, he puts an apple over the son’s head and challenges Tell to shoot, knowing his well known fame of being an incredible archer. The distance is almost 80 feet, and a single, small hesitation could kill his son. Even if Tell succeeds he is still sentenced to prison. He escapes and kills Gessler cu a single, well placed arrow, and so the battle of freeing the Swiss from under the Austrian begins.

Step by step, Gioachino Rossini’s career spectacularly unravels to writing the four large acts opera, Wilhelm Tell, inspired by the image of the Swiss hero, the icon of the fight for freedom. This was the last title on the list of the great Italian composer.

The Classic is fantastic group gladly approached the work of this composer.

Young Gioachimo, together with his kitten Lola, the well already known little mice Rică and Sică and with the help of cousin Giorgio that especially came from La Scala of Milan, they will delight us with stories and musical arias from the Barber of Seville or Wilhelm Tell’s. Lola the Kitten will take canto lessons and will sing for us the musical aria of Rossini under the direct guidance of the composer and all the characters will create for an hour the illusion of the beginning of the XIXth century in which clerks, noblemen, officers, peasants and soubrettes, sing together the music of Gioacchino Rossini.

Duration: 1 h

Ticket prices: 21.20 lei (adult), 12.72 lei (child)

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